Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I put Riley to sleep last night at 9 pm, and he stayed asleep in his own bed until 7:30 am. I would call THAT sleeping through the NIGHT! One night does not a pattern make, but I'll take it! It was very nice to wake up next to my husband in my bed, with no visitors.
It was kind of funny, because I woke up about every two hours, noticed he was still sleeping, and went back to sleep. So many months of alert mommy mode, I guess.


I canned 12 jars of tomatoes today. Oops, actually just 11. This is the second year in a row I have canned tomatoes and it is pretty easy, compared to making jam [but not compared to not canning]. Up next is spaghetti sauce, and some more tomatoes.

It was FORTY DEGREES today. I think I may actually melt for real. I've decided that jamming and canning are heinous activities because of necessity they must be performed in the dead of summer, when it is already hot and humid, and then one must run every element on one's stovetop full blast with four pots of boiling water to add to the humidity in one's house. Jeepers.

I have also decided that domestic arts like canning, jamming, and crochet are ones that require a high hours-to-product ratio. 2 hours of work can produce 6 jars of jam (or 4, if using 500 mL jars) or a 3 by 4 inch rectangle of straight crochet stitch. Or 6 pints of canned tomatoes. Granted, I am new at all of these arts and so I could be faster. I can also see the vast advantage to living and working in community and/or large, extended family type of situations. A kitchen full of women working on a job like jam or canning vegetables would exponentially increase productivity. Brent helped me sort raspberries the other night and it cut my time commitment in half.

I wonder if my family appreciates what I do in this regard. Or if they ever will? I appreciate my mom's preserving work only now that I do it myself. I can't see my boys taking up the domestic art of jamming, but maybe. Stranger things have happened! I could more likely see them whining to their wives, my mom used to make homemade jam, so why can't you?
Thankfully, Brent never says stuff like this to me.
[he has enough brain not to. he knows me well.]

I'm going to take a lukewarm shower and fall into bed, hoping for another uninterrupted night.........

p.s. my aunt got through her surgery okay, and is now recovering in ICU. Please continue to pray for her complete, uncomplicated, and rapid recovery. She is a beautiful person.

love to you.


Dana said...

Nice work Riley!! Our kids slept through too... sweet...

You are a domestic diva... seriously. I'm impressed.

Praying for your auntie.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I don't know if kids can be involved with making jam but I have many, many wonderful memories of my mom and all 5 of us girls making applesauce every year. That was some serious productivity in the kitchen.
AND, Koen slept from 9pm-5am, I'll take that! Go babies go:)

Deb said...

1. you are INSANE to be canning at 40 degrees!! Domestic diva is right!

2. I will be so glad when Aria sleeps through the night - it's only happened once, and then molars started coming in.

3. I don't know if your boys will can, but they may appreciate you sending jam home with them - that's what I LOVE about having a step-mom who cans - jam, relish and so many more yummy things for us to enjoy.

4. I totally agree with the time:result ratio. In an hour, I could drive to a grocery store and BUY a whole lotta cans of things, but they're certainly not as healthy as what you'll be feeding your kids all winter. Those are longer term results than just 2 hours: 6 cans of jam.