Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mom again

Ah, it feels good to be home again. Cleaning up poop from the rug, digging clay out of the nearby riverbanks with my older boys and tossing it at each other, having family pizza movie nights [who doesn't love "Air Bud?"], and having meaningful conversations such as, "But WHY can't I have a ring pop for dessert after breakfast?" It's funny, but stuff like this used to drive me crazy about being home, but this past year I've grown to the point where I enjoy it. I think I enjoy my family and my life more now than I ever have, because I don't have so much anxiety anymore. It's amazing. Experience helps, too. When you've cleaned up little boy poop for 6 years, you start to get used to it and not see it as such a big deal anymore. When you've been bitten a million times on the nipple by your youngest child, you start to realize that it's not going to fall off or anything, so it doesn't seem like such a big deal either.

We watched the movie "Australia" tonight. It was good, though i would have taken a hack saw to the movie and deleted about 500 cheesy love scenes and soap opera intense facial expression moments, if I had been in the editing room. It was EPIC. It was ridiculously long. But still definitely worth watching. Good movie.

We have Ayden signed up for soccer in September. Woohoo! He just finished a week of Hip Hop/Funk dance camp with a buddy of his. SO CUTE! He loved it, so we might sign him up for some more classes in the winter or something.

Matthew has made huge leaps in his speech--suddenly his Ks are all there, beginning, middle, and ends of words, and his Ss are there most of the time. He also spontaneously added Sh and Th! His stutter has made a comeback, but not nearly as pronounced as before, and it seems more social pressure oriented, like if he is in trouble or something and all eyes are on him.

Riley popped his 8th tooth, is in love with a new pair of shoes my mom bought him for his birthday that squeak when he walks, eats blackberries so fast he chokes on them because he LOVES them so much, and is due for his first haircut sometime soon.

My husband is handsome, dependable, charming, funny, AND amazing with his kids.

And I am good, too.



Roboseyo said...

haa ha. For a second I thought it said "Riley Pooped his 8th tooth"...

Deb said...

YAY. Some days it's just great to know that things have all fallen into place. It's nice to be back at work to realize how great home is, eh?

Breanne said...

I heart this post. :)