Saturday, August 22, 2009

My assessment of work in my field

So after 16 months immersed in all things estrogen and progesterone and prolactin, I have stepped back into the land of The Testosterone. Here are a few of my thoughts.

Whoever it was that said men are less manipulative is *f*ing delusional. Normal human behaviour around our very male dominated work place is very clearly characterized by back stabbing, whining, yes-I-do-but-really-I-don't, I'm-happy-the-way-things-are-no-I'm-not, face fronting, gossiping, wheedling attempts to get one's own. Think grade 3 girls. In size XL.

Medicine is far more masculine than I ever realized. The whole way we approach people is paternalistic and domineering.

Tears are out.

Milk is taboo to talk about.

Sex is in.

Indiana Jones and Holmes on Homes are in.


No but really, I misrepresent the guys (and girls) I work with. Almost all of them would be sympathetic in most situations (provided you're not crazy; very few paramedics have any patience or understanding with psych calls, IME), especially if you are a patient (ie, in a subverted role...oh, was that my outside voice talking? Have I gained some cynicism lately?). But really, we have to be tough with this level of stress and risk...
or do we??
But it is how my subculture copes.
I cope by sleeplessness, anxiety attacks, and sweaty tearful snot sessions, but hey! We all have our own ways of dealing...

Though I AM enjoying driving fast through red lights and using heavy drugs for good, not ill!!

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