Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few observations

We bought our dog a coat. Not once while I was growing up did we buy one of our dogs any clothing. Unless a dog collar counts as clothing! But our puppy gets cold and wet--he's skinny as stink, and our walks are long. So we bought him a waterproof jacket with a fleece lining and a reflective strip. Hilarious, but it gets the job done. At least he's not running around in my purse, people!

The long walks wear him out. And lately Riley has been wanting to walk, so if we have time we let him out and the long walks wear HIM out, too. At a snail's pace, of course! He's so cute running around on the forest path with his Einstein hairdo and his cute little Nike runners and his drunken sailor run! At least once per trip he falls and doesn't get his hands out in time and bounces his forehead off the pavement. He has a permanent rash of scabs on his forehead from these types of falls. At my mom's place last week we were out by the pool and he was making me nervous so I put his life jacket on in case he fell in the water. He climbed on the diving board and then fell off onto the cement, but the life jacket slowed his arms down so he broke his fall with his forehead. That was awesome. I think I cried. Then he fell into the hot tub while we were RIGHT there but not actually looking (he was no more than three feet away from my mom, but behind her). I heard a splash but assumed it was Matthew, who loves to jump in and out of the hot tub and is perfectly capable of doing so without an adult. Within about 3 seconds Matthew started yelling "Riley! Riley! Uh, oh, Riley!!" and my mom turned around and scooped him out of the tub, where he was submerged over his head. It's wild how easily they can get into trouble even when you are RIGHT THERE. Literally. TWO adults were right there! He sputtered a bit and cried for a minute, halfheartedly, and then wanted back in the hot tub.
I had to write chart out my thoughts in my journal on that one, to get my after-the-fact anxiety under control enough to sleep that night.

It has been difficult emotionally to leave Ayden at school for a full day, two days in a row now! He feels fine, but I have separation anxiety!! :) Logistically though, I have to admit it simplifies our lives to have him fully taken care of by the school for 6 hours. Suddenly going anywhere is simplified by 20%! Errands are done 20% faster! The house is 20% quieter! I miss him so much, but it is nice to have an easier time for a few hours. However, Matthew has a gradual entry to kindergarten going on, so he is still with us 24/7, and without Ayden he is BORED!!! When he is bored he motormouths about NOTHING: "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?" [each time I answer him but he's not paying attention so he doesn't hear me] "Mommy, tan I hab a snack? I hungry." I prompt him to remember the verb 'to be.' "I am hungry." The answer is no. "Why mommy?" Because it is not snack time. "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?" WHAT, Matthew. "How more, how more, how many more days?" Until what. "How more, how more, how many more days my birthday?" Ten. "Wahoo! Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? I tarving. Tan I hab snack?" No. "Why not?" It is not snack time. "Mommy? Mommy? Where we doing? What we doing?" I prompt him. "Where are we doing?" The store. "It time Ayden be done now?" No. "Were we doing, mommy?" The store. "Why?" To buy stuff! "Why?" Because we need some things from the store! "Mommy? Where my water? I tarving. Tan we go to McDonald's?"
Oh. My. Gosh. Shoot. Me. Now.
The great thing about this dialogue is that it is just filler. He doesn't really care about what we're talking about, so long as he's moving his mouth and I'm interacting with him. He doesn't listen to my answers. He doesn't even really listen to his own questions. He just talks because he's bored. Holy crap, WHEN DOES HE GO TO KINDERGARTEN?????????? He's driving me crazy. We met with his teacher yesterday, and he loved her. She is GREAT; she has a wonderful reputation, and Ayden had her last year and loved her. I'm very glad he seems positive about kindergarten and that he will have such an amazing teacher to introduce him to 'real school,' and to build upon his positive preschool experience. I just want him to START already! He's driving me nuts.
In good news regarding Matthew, he has been quite good about toileting lately, and is very kind, and sleeps like a dream. And has stopped lying (there was a phase), and has stopped stealing food (there has been an ongoing battle since the day we adopted him--not rooted in anything adoption/hunger/starvation/survival method, but rather rooted in second child syndrome, being an early riser when the rest of us are sleep-in-ers, poor impulse control, and a particular knack for climbing and foraging), and has come incredibly far in his speech and language therapy. His therapist says that he is now at the point where, if we had not flagged him on his kindergarten application form, his speech issues may not have been flagged for assessment by the school's pathologist. What a distance he has come in one year of therapy. Wow. I would say his speech and intelligibility has improved at least 3 years in the past 12 months. Amazing!
And he's a kick ass swimmer. And climber. And soccer player. And jumper. And he is enthusiastic about anything physical, fun, or masculine.

I'm working tomorrow. Transfer car.
Pray for my sanity.



Asheya said...

That's great that Ayden is adjusting so well to school! Too funny about Matthew, but it makes sense that he'd be bored when his best playmate is gone!

I'm so glad Riley was all right after falling in the hot tub- it is pretty amazing how accidents can happen so fast with adults right there. I'll be with the kids and have my head turned looking at something else, and someone will start crying and I won't know what happened. I read that preschoolers make a demand of an adult every 3 minutes - that means if you have 3 kids you have a demand every minute! Crazy!

Thanks for writing - it's so fun to read your blog!

jenna said...

Our tactic with girls that ask question after question for the sake of interaction is to ask them questions and somehow it makes you feel more sane. When he bugs you about snacks ask what he likes to eat for snacks and hope that he'll go on a rant about the foods he likes and doesn't. It's a little easier somehow.
Sometimes it works!