Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay, Friday evening the overtime ban took effect at work, and I worked Saturday during the day. We were down about 30% provincewide, which means that non-emergency calls waited up to 2 hours for an ambulance, but most emergency calls did not wait long. The other 70% of the provinces ambulances were WORKING OUR ASSES OFF!!!!! Wow, was it ever crazy. Not only were we down 30%, but it was an insane day with 3 rollover car crashes, a car submerged in a river, an airplane crash in Mission, a fresh cardiac arrest (meaning the person was alive and talking one minute and died while on the phone with 9-1-1, so we know if we get there quickly enough there is a very good chance of resuscitation. Which he was. Resuscitated. Though not by me). Rarely does the shit hit the fan so thoroughly as it did on Saturday. It's Murphy's Law.
Ambulances were in the Fraser Valley from Boston Bar and Lytton, and there were ambulances from Whistler and Squamish doing calls in Vancouver. It was wild. The Supreme Court of BC held an emergency sitting on a Saturday to hear from both sides of our dispute in a bid to decide whether or not to legislate us back to working overtime. I'd say we got the government's attention, all right, which was mainly the point.
I haven't heard if we have been legislated, nor the union's response. I'm sure I'll hear soon.

Sunday was Matthew's 5th birthday! I have some awesome photos but can't locate my camera cord, but when I do I will do a post devoted to his fifth birthday. What a sweetie!

An honest review of this past 6 weeks of me being back at work has revealed that it's not really working that well for us. Both Brent and I have felt that we didn't have any rest time in the past month and a half, because one of us always seems to be working or recovering or gearing up to go back to work, and it just is too crazy. I miss my kids more than I have ever before, I miss Brent, and I have NO DOWNTIME. The money is good, but it's not worth it to me if I don't want to be at work while I'm there. I have to enjoy what I'm doing for it to be worth it, unless I'm working more often for a short period of time, like when Brent was at RCMP depot. So, too crazy. If we still had daycare as an option it might work better, because we could both be at work at the same time, but as it stands now we only have family to ask for a favor every once in awhile. No one in our family minds looking after our kids, but they all work so we don't have unlimited access to that family connection.
So I think what we'll do is scale back the amount of work I'm doing to one day a week instead of two, and hopefully that will be a more realistic scenario. If Brent works an overtime shift here and there, it will more than make up for me working less. I just hate to do that to him, you know? And I hate to have HIM work to save up for MY midwifery school (for some reason that irks me), but it is more efficient. If he works one overtime shift it equals two and a half of my shifts. That's quite a difference!

Besides, there is no point in having more money in the bank if you have no friggin time to go to the grocery store and purchase the groceries that the money is meant to buy!!!!!!
I've requested fewer shifts for October, so we will see how the revised plan goes. I'm so glad my work is so flexible, and I'm not tied in or committed to two shifts a week.

xo, all


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I'm so nervous to return to work!!! Are you doing it because you need the money or because you like to go out and work once in a while?
Sounds like a good decision to cut back a bit because downtime is sooo important. One good thing about being sick has taught me to lay on the couch and relax:)

tamie said...

Yeah, I second the question above. How would you feel about being a stay-at-home person?

I'm really glad you have flexibility too. Because running around like crazy chickens is simply no life at all. How many hours a week does Brent typically work??