Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Development

Ayden can now read silently! He has been an avid reader for awhile, but until recently he always read to himself out loud. It was super cute, because we would have the baby monitor on in his bedroom in case Riley woke up, and we would often hear him reading to himself quietly in his bed. No more!
I reserved the first of the Harry Potter series at the library, thinking I could read it to him, and it would be a great mommy-son bonding experience! But on the drive home from the library when it came in, he started reading the first chapter, and read the whole thing himself. I think Brent read a chapter or two, but he read the vast majority of it himself, silently. Okay, how is my baby reading Harry Potter to himself? We just bought him book #2 and 3 from a second hand store today, because he loved #1 so much.

You go, baby.

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Breanne said...

So excellent. Way to go Ayden!