Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Word of Advice

Today I saw an unrestrained passenger in a car who had been partially ejected through the sun roof. A witness reported seeing her head break through the glass and her head hit the edge of the metal window frame. She was effectively scalped, and there was a dent in the metal sunroof frame from her skull. She is ten years old.

I know you all do, all the time, but BUCKLE UP YOUR KIDS.
Fortunately, she survived and the doctor was able to sew her scalp back to her head, but I have to tell you, she should not be alive based on the damage done to that car by her head.

I got to work and immediately at 6:00 a.m. the pager went off: "BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP chhhhhhhhhhhhhh [radio static] 06 Fox, code 3 call; 06 Fox, code 3." Cardiac arrest, FIRST thing in the morning, he-llo, wake UP people! What a way to start the day, with a dead guy.

Then a hypertensive emergency [as in, a blood pressure of freaking 260/120--dude should be DEAD, but isn't], five SECONDS after clearing from dead guy.

And an 8 month old baby with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress.

And chest pain.
And short of breath.
And car crash.
And a very broken arm.

I worked 15 hours today with very few breaks, and drove almost 2 hours to and from work.
Tired. So, so tired.

night all


Roboseyo said...

Your rock, Mel. Hang in there.

jenna said...

amen to that, roboseyo

Tonya said...

Still don't know how you have that job. I could NOT do it. You're amazing!

Jen said...

Holy cow. crazy day.