Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 months

Riley was fourteen months yesterday! Wow, how did that happen? I keep thinking about 'this time last year'--which saw us driving home from our wonderful Mackenzie thanksgiving feast and visit, a thirteen hour trip with lots of screaming!!! Riley was still a floppy little newborn blob [said with immense affection], and now he is running AROUND!

Riley is amazing. He has wispy, fuzzy, flyaway, Einstein hair, the longest eyelashes on the planet, big brown eyes, seriously heart slaying dimples, and a penchant for taking his diaper off every chance he gets. He loves to play shy, hide his face in our shoulders, and flirt with people outside his family from a safe distance. His favourite things include
the dog
his brothers
hockey sticks
his brothers' light sabres
books, especially Usborne touch and feel books with all sorts of tactile things on the book pages
running (read 'away')
running water in the sink
throwing things
tickle monster

He opens books and starts chatting away in babbly baby talk--SO CUTE!!!
He walks down stairs unassisted
He screeches when toys and things are taken from him, particularly by the dog
He can walk backwards
He reminds me of Brent. He is sweet, easygoing, even tempered, loving, joyful, funny, and affectionate. He is also particular about certain things.
Of course he also reminds me of Brent when I look at his face, because I'm apparantly incapable of producing offspring that look anything like myself.

He still gets called Mr Magoo, Bu, and Einstien. And Smiley.

We love you, Smiley! Happy 14 months!!!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

He is so adorable! Hey, curious..are you still breastfeeding often? I know that he drinks pumped milk when you are not there but does he still enjoy breastfeeding? Koen is starting to play a little bit more than drink so I was wondering where Riley is considering he is also a little monkey:) Does he drink whole milk at all? Finally, do you have that book ``It sucked and then I cried'? Would love to borrow it!

Tamie said...

Thanks! He is cute. If I could only locate the camera cord, I could share an updated photo!
He still breastfeeds at night, especially if I have worked during the day. I think he would be sleeping from 8:30pm to 5:00 am if I hadn't gone back to work, but since I have he is more prone to night feeds. Because of that, he still nurses about 4 to 6 times in 24 hours. Once or twice in the early early morning, again sometime between 10 and noon, then sometimes again in the afternoon or he waits til bedtime. At bedtime he always drains both breasts before falling asleep. But when he isn't nursing to sleep, he will often take only one side, or half of both (he likes to switch back and forth).
He doesn't drink any whole milk, because my mom said that although they CAN drink whole milk, if you are still nursing they don't HAVE to drink cow's milk, and I would rather he had more breastmilk overall, you know? I think that if he drank whole milk he wouldn't want to nurse as much. He does get some pumped milk while I'm gone, but he really doesn't like it from another source so he only drinks the bare minimum--somewhere between 1 and 3 ounces--during the 14 hours I'm gone when I'm working.
He's particular about where his milk comes from.
For sure he plays. And BITES, though far less now than before. I almost always have to nurse him in my bedroom with the fan on, otherwise he gets distracted and won't nurse, though he is getting better. At my la leche league meeting on Tuesday there were 5 or 6 moms and about a dozen kids running around, and he nursed well for about 10 minutes (after he saw another little boy nursing--he was like "Hey! What are THEY doing? Is that MILKIES?? I WANT MILKIES TOO!" It was very cute.

And yes, I own "It sucked and then I cried" and you are totally welcome to borrow it! I loved that book!! It made me cry from laughing so hard, and also cry from sad parts. Do you read her blog? It's even more hilarious. She's amazing. AND I saw her on Dr Phil today!

Tamie said...

p.s. that comment was left by Mel, not Tamie...

melissa said...


Rachel Clear said...

Hahhahaha! When I started reading the comment, I was like... HUH? Is Tamie bringing a baby with her? Where have I been?!