Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grateful!!! Oh, so grateful...

So, two things.
(1) I'm sorry I've been a spotty blogger lately, and I promise to step it up better. (2) I'm discouraged that so few of you are leaving comments! I don't know why, but the comment leaving aspect of blogging is pretty important, and cool, and more conversational and positive than blogging to silence.

This past week I got to meet a BLOGGER FRIEND!!!!!! Tamie and her boyfriend Jon are on a 6 week road trip and they spent 3 nights including thanksgiving with us [Canadian thanksgiving; not to worry, my American friends--you didn't miss thanksgiving somehow, yours is yet to come (Rachel: this means you)] and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I love Tamie even more in person than on her blog, and it was supersuper cool to hang out and talk and go for coffee and cookies and really good panini, and go for walks, and just be together. I also like Jon a LOT and think them a good pair, which is heartwarming. I like to see my friends happy, don't we all?
Things I am grateful for:
-Vitamin B complex/Vitamin D/omega3 fish oils/St John's Wort/PS 100 adrenal supplement (omygoshomygoshomygosh, I have a whole new respect for medication as a part of treatment of mental illness--I always thought it could be good, but kind of judged its overuse...which I still do, but I have a new, healthy respect for how it can help. So much of my energy in the fall and winters goes into surviving my mood, that it is hard for me to embrace and experience life fully. But it is so much smoother with these natural medications...)
-fal leaves
-an inordinately sunny autumn this year so far
-living close enough to my kids' school that we can walk to and from
-having a warm, safe, nice home (though i'd like a bigger one with no strata, please)
-living in a country with free education, free access to health care, year long maternity leave, wonderfully full ranged opportunities for women, funded midwifery care, breastfeeding support, and etc
-my wonderful, handsome, unique, funny, longsuffering, patient, kind, perfect partner husband
-my sweet, smart, funny, yummy kids
-my mom
-my cousin Sara
-my sister
-good art
-supportive in laws
-MY BED (we have a king sized monster that is so fabulous I don't understand how ANYONE SLEEPS IN ANYTHING ELSE--I would cut a hole in my house to make this bed fit in it. I love it. I wish I could spend all day and all night in it, every day)
-warm showers
-FOOD, especially cheese [Rachel, we need to get married]
-freedom from anxiety [some days are more hard won than others]
-Heather Armstrong at and It Sucked and Then I Cried, that book I told you ROCKED.
-the ocean
-pretty stuff
-open air markets (Cranberry Festival!)
-cell phones
-more love
-even more love


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I promise I read all the time!! ARe all of the supplements for anxiety and depression? Or are some for other things? I'm loving these fall coloured leaves and hope they stay around for a while!!

Dana said...

Love you. Love your blog. Love your family. Have trouble coming up with commentary I deem worthy of your thoughtful, raw, deep, wide, interesting, thought-provoking posts.

Sara and family said...

this entry seems a little familiar.

love you too.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

OOOOh oooh ooh.

Comment. Comment. Comment. Comment. Comment. Comment.

Love your blog, read it all the time! Sorry about the lack of comments. (I seem to also be lacking comments on my blog I just am noticing).

Matt and Colleen said...

Hi! I read your blog all the time and have never left a comment!!!! I promise I am not a crazy blog lurker, we have met in Seattle when you guys came to visit Jen and Andrey. My husband(Matt) and I (Colleen) were housemates with J and A for six months before the left for Asia. Thanks for all your funny, honest and beautiful blog posts, I love it.


melissa said...

ohhhh! lurkers coming out of hiding!!!! This is unprecedented!!! I remember you Colleen! And your gorgeous baby--I heard you had another! Congrats, and thanks for unlurking.

Thanks for reading, friends. It's good to hear from you, and know I'm not speaking into nothingness....

Louise; some of the supplements I take are for other things, but mostly they are for anxiety and depression. I listed what I take earlier this week at Jen's request, and in that list I recorded what each individual supplement was for, if you want specifics! Information like that is always good to share because you never know who might need it.

Tamie said...

Hey Mel, how did you come up with your medication regimen? I mean, how did you figure out which medications to go on? I'm wondering if I might not benefit from taking some herbs and supplements and vitamins and stuff. Hm.....what do you think?

I'm thankful for YOU too!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn Sawchenko said...

Okay, Melissa, i read your blog all the time as well. You make me think! I love to read about how you deal with everyday stuff, your energy level in all that you do, your wholehearted commitment to your husband, family, God. You are inspiring to me! Thanks.

Rachel Clear said...

I read every. single. post. Every word of every post.

I actually used to comment every single time and then I thought, "You know, Melissa probably doesn't want to open her email and see 42 comments from me."

But I get ya. It's nice to know that what you're saying ain't fallin' on deaf ears, and I can assure you that nothing you say falls on deaf ears.

Well. There might literally be some deaf people who read your blog... but you know what I mean.

I get to meet Tamie tomorrow!

Nice list. :)