Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi again

We had a great boobie weekend last weekend! I went to the breastfeeding challenge on Saturday with Riley and my cousin Sara and her breastfeeding baby Ryen. We latched on. We won prizes. It was great! I'll be doing it again next year for sure! We also did the Run For the Cure, which NOBODY donated any money in my name for--our registration fees are donations and next year I'll focus more on fundraising. It was so fun and so busy and so emotional!! I cried a few times. Especially when i saw a woman my age with a survivor shirt on, and her three year old son whose shirt said "I'm running for mommy." I can't even type it without crying about it. Breast cancer SUCKS for ALL women of all ages (and some men), but it really hits home when you see someone your own age and life stage who has survived it.
We dressed up fun in pink and there were 18 people on our team! It was great.

I still can't find my camera cord to upload photos for you. I'm sorry! When I locate it I'll update you visually.

I found a wooden push toy in my dirty diaper pail this morning, though. I wonder who put that there? Riley has a real passion for putting things 'away.' Books on the bookshelf, clothes in the laundry baskets, and toys in the diaper pail [apparently!]!!

He also still has a passion for switch nursing. Five seconds on one boob, then switch. Five seconds on the other boob, then switch. Switch back. Switch. Switch. Switch. Switch. My back is becoming very flexible, because I usually nurse him lying down, which means I can switch without moving very far. Brent loves it. Lots of visual boobies.

I have started the application process for UBC. :D

I have 2 doula clients. One due in two weeks, and one due in six weeks. Yahoo! Wish me luck.

I have also been wrestling for several weeks with my moods, but as I think I mentioned, I emailed one of my former midwives who is also a naturopath and she recommended some natural supplements for mood disorders. I finally got to the health food store on Sunday and purchased what she recommended, and I have to say how surprised I am by how quickly they have worked! It is AWESOME to feel NORMAL again and not have to fight so hard to get through my days. I've also been able to take some time and write out some thought records, which really helps me refocus my mind back towards more balanced thinking and away from excessive negative, tragic, or anxious thoughts. So between the supplements and journalling my thoughts, I am feeling MUCH better this week than last. Thank heaven. Fall is SO HARD for me emotionally. Despite its beauty and the relief of cooler temperatures, fall represents an unrelenting march towards winter and away from the sun that really only brings me despair.
It is kind of funny, though, to have to take fistfuls of pills again. It's like I'm pregnant all over again! I think by the end of my pregnancy I was taking 18 pills a day?? Plus liquid, plant based iron! Jeepers.

I made a most delicious meal yesterday. And went to boot camp. And lost another pound for 2.5 lbs total. I made roasted spaghetti squash and blackbean soup which was an amalgamation of my cousin Sara's roasted pumpkin and garlic soup, and this cream and squash and black bean soup I saw in a magazine. I also made pork tenderloin baked in applesauce and garlic, and a salad, and we had olive bread. Ohhhhhhhhh sooooooooooo yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
And homemade cookies for dessert.
Life is delicious.

This morning was a bit of a gong. Ayden and I had a huge fight over whether or not I had signed his agenda last Monday evening (he didn't believe me until I pulled it out and SHOWED him), we were running late, and I had both big boys by the front door dressed and ready to go, an dog peeing on the floor, Ayden's lunch still needing to be made, and a baby with a poopy diaper and the ONLY diaper I had left was outside in the glove box of our car. By some miracle we still walked to school and we still made it on time. Thursday mornings is the day our diaper service comes to pick up our dirties and leave us some cleans, and this week I seriously was on my very last diaper this morning. Usually we have lots extra, but I've started double diapering him at night so we go through them faster. Riley doesn't pee at night, but his first pee in the morning is a huge one (he HATES the potty with a passion so it's rare that I can catch it in the potty, though it would sure be nice! I bought him a new toilet seat that goes on the big toilet so hopefully he'll like that better!). Hence, the double diaper.

Matthew was the special helper at school the day before yesterday. You should have seen how proud he was of himself! So cute! And it is wonderful to see him so well behaved and responsible and happy at school. I was worried about him and school, but it turns out that was needless.

I'm off to read my Heather B Armstrong book. I'm 2/3 of the way through it and I LOVE IT. I'll do a review when I'm done.

xo, all! And pray for me tonight, I have my first face to face meeting with my second doula client tonight at 7--she's the one due in 6 weeks!!

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Jen said...

So tell us what supplements you are taking. Would be good to know what works for you. Glad you're feeling better. I too, had a rough time with the fall/winter in Seattle. Have you considered light therapy? I've never tried it but the evidence for it seems compelling.