Friday, October 2, 2009


Where is everyone? :) September is a very busy month. I don't have much time, but I wanted to let you know we'll be out of town this weekend so I likely won't be posting. We're going to Victoria to do the Run For the Cure with extended family.

My books from Amazon arrived yesterday!!! WOOHOO!!! I've been reading Heather Armstrong's It Sucked and then I Cried. LOVE IT. She's hilarious, and it is SO GOOD to read a book by someone else who has had a mood disorder, too. P.S. the advent of fall is tossing me into darkness...I have a list of naturopathic stuff to take but haven't gotten my butt to the store to purchase them yet. But I will. Life's GOT TO be better than this every fall. I always felt embarrassed about admitting the fact that winters are hard. Seasonal Affective Disorder seems so conventional, so flavour of the month, so everybody's got it, that it seemed like I couldn't actually have it. But EVERY SEPTEMBER I get anxious and sad. It's time to face facts, Mel. SAD it is. On top of an anxiety disorder. Yes, life does kick you while you're down [I've a friend with OCD and PPD, how unfair is THAT?]

To cheer me up, I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies yesterday. OH YEAH BABY! Cookie making is twofold: one, it's yummy. Who doesn't like cookies? Two, it makes you popular. Call me a slut, I'm all about being popular. Especially in my own house.

So, I've been reading and eating cookies. And I lost a pound and a half!

Riley gained it, because he hit 22 lbs suddenly, so we turned his carseat around. Hooray! His legs were getting longish to be comfortable facing the rear of the vehicle, so it was good timing. This also means Ayden is free to use his booster seat (it wouldn't fit before with one carseat rear facing), so he is happy also. Riley likes acting like the big boys, so he's happy too.

Matthew got his kindergarten shots this morning. Considerably less screaming was involved than last year, when Ayden got them. Brave Matthew. He's a trooper.

I have to go pack for our trip. Hopefully I'll get to the store before we leave for Victoria; I've got to get these moods under control. I also have to do some more thought records for the same reason! Arg! Winter, I hate thou!!! Pray for me. I'm going on the ferry tonight with three kids and a puppy BY MYSELF.

P.S. I'm participating in the 2009 Breastfeeding Challenge tomorrow morning with my cousin. If you are a breastfeeding mom and/or advocate, check it out! Maybe you can go to the one in your town!!

Also, I watched Love Happens the other night: don't waste your money. It was aweful. I had to apologize to my friend, because I picked it out and tortured both of us!
I also read Water For Elephants, which was FABULOUS. Read it if you have a chance.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Have fun on the island! You are a VERY brave woman for taking the kids on your own! My dad also has SAD, he just goes to California every january:)

Asheya said...

I've been taking some naturopathic supplements. It's really helped with my depressive tendencies, depression, not sure how to categorize what I've been going through. I'm taking 5-HTP, which I think has made a huge difference, and a herbal tincture for healing. Also just a mulit-vitamin, fish oil, and antioxidant (green tea once a day--caffeine boost helps too!).

Now we're all taking probiotics to ready our guts for our trip south.

I have the same thing as you about winter--every year I think, I can do it, I'll get through it without freaking out, but nope. Winter is depressing. Thus, our quest for a non-winter habitat!

Anonymous said...

This relates to your earlier blog about the water bottles. It's a good article for anyone to read.


Sara and family said...

Here is the site - I can't figure out how to link it.