Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm the crazy lady

I have not had any episodes of crazy since I started my new pill regimen last Sunday. It's hard to describe how they help, because although I nickname them my 'happy pills,' they really don't make me happy. It's like this. In the summertime, when there is tons of light and sunshine and warmth and late dinners and lazy days at the water park, I feel pretty good. I feel like the real me. There are some ups and downs, and I have to be on guard for dips or spikes or waverings in my moods, but I feel capable of managing them. When fall hits, I flounder. It feels like deep, cold water is creeping into the room and I'm paralyzed to stop it, and I know I'm in for months and months of immersion in this cold dark water, and it's just too much to bear. The pills take me out of the water and make me feel capable again. Not happy, but like the real me is still here, and I can manage my moods. The pills make me normal. The work I do on top of that monitoring my thoughts and emotions, is what makes me happy. It feels really really freeing to feel capable and normal and authentic.

The supplements I take are as follows;
one prenatal vitamin [nutritional support while breastfeeding]
one probiotic capsule (acidohilus) [to help my body keep yeast in balance and prevent infections]
vitamin D 1000 IUs [for depression/anxiety]
Omega-3 fish oil, super concentrated capsule [for nursliing's brain development AND for depression/anxiety]
vitamin B complex [for depression]

one prenatal vitamin
one probiotic capsule
vitamin D 1000 IUs
omega-3 fish oils
St John's Wort [for depression]
PS 100, or phosphatidyl serine [adrenal support, to balance overall stress hormone levels, which helps in overall relaxation, coping, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and etc]

I take 1/2 the recommended dose of St John's Wort right now because it can CAUSE anxiety, and give you 'funky dreams,' as one friend told me. I figure if I need a higher does I can ease my way in.

Also, I buy all my supplements at the health food store, and I always ask which are the better brands. You get what you pay for, with vitamins and supplements.

And that, my friends, is the vitamin cabinet of a crazy lady :)


Dana said...

So glad you've found some natural methods to balance and restore you. Though even when it's natural supplement the volume of daily pills can be disconcerting hey? I packed so many pills and supplements this weekend and didn't even get to all of them!

Jen said...

I agree with your "you get what you pay for comment." It's very true. Thanks for the list. I love knowing the details. I'm so glad it's so helpful and that you are doing so well.