Saturday, October 31, 2009

photog carnival!

First of all, here is Riley's new haircut. Doesn't he look way too old? But so cute.

I forgot to take an official 'before' picture previous to his haircut, so I just scrolled through some older photos to find one of him with longer hair. This isn't the greatest picture, but it does show how his hair was long enough to get in his eyes:

And after!!

A blueberry pie I made in September...

And our doggie when he was just 6 pounds. He now weighs 23 pounds and is still peeing on my floor. In fact, this is how he tells us he needs to go out, is by peeing just a small puddle. How on earth do I break him of this? It works, because I reenforce it every time by putting him out!!

Since labour day was so late this year we had a full week before school to do fun family stuff. One day we braved the new toll bridge by our house and went to Golden Ears Park for some hiking. The new bridge as opposed to the old ferry cuts the trip from an hour to an hour and a half, to fifteen minutes. Rock on! Obviously it was much warmer and sunnier in these photos than it is now.

Here we are rockin it country style at the IPE in Armstrong that same week

And some of our extended family on my side went out for a very nice meal to celebrate my Aunt Lynne's birthday;

First day of school!!! Gosh, that day never gets easier, because it always punctuates the fact that they are really a whole year older and bigger and more independent...
First day of grade one;

First day of kindergarten;

Matthew's birthday!!!

And that, my dudes, concludes this photog carnival.

In other news, this new method of putting Riley to sleep works like a freaking DREAM!! Props to Brent, who put it into action and has been willing to keep it going. I tried it for the first time today when I put him down for a nap. It took only 5 minutes to put him to sleep, and then another 5 minutes to put him back to sleep after Matthew opened the bedroom door and yelled "Mommy!!!"
We cuddle him a bit until he's relaxed, then put him in his bed and hold him down by the hip/bum bones, just enough pressure to keep him from getting up, and pat his bum with the other hand. Within about 30 seconds he stops fighting, and then he relaxes again and drifts off to sleep without distress. Wow, a cool method I didn't read about it a book, that works like a charm without making him feel alone. How cool is that?
Go Vose Team, go!


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Yay for Riley going to sleep with a little help from you guys! Awesome photos. Riley looks like a mini Ayden:) Gorgeous family you have!

Deb said...

Riley's smile just makes you melt, even in pictures! So cute!

Sylvia H. said...

Thank you for all these beautiful and wonderful pictures! Miss you!!
Love, Sylvia

lori lls said...

What a great run-down of pics, Melissa! I am getting caught up after way too long of having internet ridiculousness. It's refreshing to read your thoughts! I always giggle or laugh outright sometime in there.

Riley's haircut is awesome. It makes his eyes totally pop out. Is Ayden super muscular for a kid?! That's a sweet photo of him with the pup. I love Matthew's concentration as he opens presents, his eager smile with his birthday sign, and his birthday cake. Such handsome boys you've got.

Also, about the sleep thing. Oh my gosh! We hadn't read about it either, but Jason does this with Zoralee too, kind of. He essentially lays down beside her and holds her down gently, letting her fuss and wail all she wants, until she tires herself out and goes to sleep. I started doing it too, with mixed results. She'll eventually fall asleep, even if right at the end I have to pop a boob in her mouth for 30 seconds. I'm trying to lessen popping boobs into mouths, well, mouth, for sleeping, but sometimes it's so worth it. And actually, now that I think about it, we did kind of read about this in that book "Holding Time," which isn't particularly meant for sleep. But hey, whatever works healthily for everybody - kid and parent alike.

Asheya said...

You've got three cute kids there! Keep up the great mothering work: you are such a great mom!