Thursday, October 29, 2009

U2 and stuff

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for the support regarding my bullying neighbours....I appreciate all your ideas and support, so much. I am not sure what I'll do, but I like the idea of referring to Brent. I might even address the fact that they treat me differently--along the lines of, "I've noticed you speak to me less respectfully than you speak to Brent about problems, so I would rather you talk to him about it." And at work, I have to work out a way to be slightly more assertive without being rude. It's one of those universal problems everyone can relate to--you're so blindsided by the rudeness that you can't think of a good response on the spot. I think part of me just needs to accept that even with good conflict management on MY part, you can't win them all and there WILL be some people who persist in being rude or bullyish and who are just not going to like me. Once I let go of wanting to work out a positive relationship with them, I will be able to problem solve a way to work with them despite their dislike. (WHO, seriously, would choose deliberately NOT to like me? I'm nice! I like people!! *Sigh*)

Second of all, I wanted to ask for prayers for my brother. He is at Burnaby hospital with H1N1 flu, numb extremities, and difficulty breathing. I guess I don't post much about my brother, I'm realizing!!! He's 28, lives in McBride and runs a Vac Truck business that he built from scratch and sold for big money on the condition that he run it for another 2 years. He is also starting up a drilling business for mining prospectors, so he is very busy. He came to Vancouver this week to meet with potential drilling clients and got so sick he was stuck in his hotel room with no idea how to get to the hospital. Eventually his fiancee Morgan bullied him over the phone to get in a cab and go to the hospital, which is where he was the last I heard (last night). The bullying involved me, because she threatened to send me to his hotel room to get him and take him to the hospital, and he was worried about spreading H1N1 to my kids. He's generally healthy, although he only has a half a pancrease left as the aftermath of a barfight years ago. My brother's name is Chad. He's the one in our family who always gets in these catastrophic scrapes and has these near death experiences (Grizzly bear confrontations, pickup truck totalling, bar fights, etc), so it should really come as no surprise that he is now the one to catch H1N1 pretty seriously. Chad and I are very different people, but we get along really really well.
So, pray.

Thirdly, last night Brent and I went on the best, most amazing, fantastic date we've gone on in years. We went out for dinner and then to the U2 360 degree tour show in Vancouver!!! U2 is the one concert we WILL SPEND MONEY and carve out the time to go see. Their music has always been a part of the soundtrack of our relationship and a big part of what we listened to in the early years. Now we don't listen to as much music together but we are still both big U2 fans. IT WAS AWESOME!!! We went to Steamworks Pub in Gastown for supper (Brent's favourite). I had blackened salmon topped with homemade salsa on caesar salad, and a Kimono martini, and Brent had the lamb burger and 2 pints of pumpkin ale, and we shared the hedgehog ice cream pie for dessert....oh, the blissful calories....ohhhhhhh.......yummmmmmmm.......
Much to my disappointment, U2 was NOT having a preconcert dinner at Steamworks. We still had fun.
Then we took a cab to BC Place. The concert was so great. These guys really know how to put on a show (it helps to have millions and millions of dollars, dude). Look!

This was SO COOL. Beautiful Day was our walk back down the aisle after getting married song, and it has woken me up in the morning on Brent's phone alarm clock for YEARS. So we know every word, every note, every nuance, of that song VERY WELL :P
It's amazing the energy created by 60,000 people and four extremely talented musicians (and millions of dollars in sound and lighting equipment). I have designed a few sets in University and so I have a small appreciation for set design details, and this one was fantastic. Like, no imaginative creative dream was left unrealized.
Like, dudes.
I loved it.
And I love my hubby.
Fantastic date.


Dana said...

Praying for Chad. That he would recover quickly and completely, and that he would have excellent care in every way, shape, and form.

Your date sounds AMAZING. Maybe when my #3 is 14 months 12ish days old we will have a date something like that...

Rachel Clear said...

This post was packed! I never quite know how to respond, since they're all lumped together. I was totally going to respond "AWESOME!" and then I read Dana's quote and realized, wait a second, her brother being sick isn't awesome... but U2 IS awesome... so I will start clarifying to which part I'm referring.

To recap: sad for your brother. Quick healing to him.


I am so jealous you got to see U2. They're one of the few bands that I'd like to see and still haven't. Arrrgh!

Lou and Marilyn Sawchenko said...

Definitely praying for healing for Chad.
One of your comments in regards to U2 caught my attention:"U2's music has always been the music of the soundtrack of your relationship." It made me think...i wonder what the music of the soundtrack of our relationship would be. Have to think about that.

Jen said...

So jealous! Love U2 and dream of being able to get to one of their concerts. So glad you had a fab time w your hubby. What a dream date!

I'll be praying for your brother.

Dawn and Dale said...

Melissa! Please email me or leave a message on my blog so I can leave a message to you personally instead of on here! Something really weird I just found!


tamie said...

YAY for your wonderful date. And for everything else you wrote about in this post. Except, not-yay for your brother getting sick. But I see from a more recent post that he's okay. You rock. Keep rockin'.