Saturday, November 14, 2009

15 Months

Our littlest Vose is 15 months old today. What a crazy quick journey the last fifteen months have been. Matthew was fifteen months when we first met him. I can't believe our third ['turd'] monster is already a toddler!! What an amazing journey. Riley has brought me more peace and self discovery and healing than I ever imagined a small child could bring. Every day he is a joy to parent, funny, interactive, bubbly, easy going, flexible, playful, and cuddly. He is really into wrestling right now. Wow, our house is boy heaven. Wrestling is allowed on all beds and all floors and at almost all times, and everyone loves it except maybe mommy, who tolerates it.

food, especially meat and fish
his brothers
hot tubs
being chased, by brothers, daddy, mommy, or the dog
all dogs (having a dog has erased his fear of dogs and given him much greater confidence around animals)
sorting--I don't know what else to call that stage where they looooove to take things OUT and put things IN, which generally entails taking things out of where they belong and putting them where they don't belong!! I've been finding frying pans on the shelf with my cutting boards, glass tupperware with my pots and pans, tupperware lids in the recycling cupboard, and dirty diapers taken OUT of the diaper pail and put back on the clean diaper shelf!
shoes, socks, and mittens
lawnmowers, garbage trucks, recycling trucks, buses, ambulances, airplanes, boats....
escaping out the front door
pretending to steer the car
noisy toys; squeaky dog balls, motorized or noisy trucks or cars, crinkly or banging toys, or music producing teddy bears
bicycles (in fact he tried to climb onto the neighbour kid's bike in July and it fell over on him and made his big toenail turn black and fall off. The toenail has not fully recovered even now)
Sitting on the toilet! I bought him a soft seat to go on the big toilet and now he can't get enough of the potty. All he does is sit there and stuff bits of toilet paper into the space between his legs, but it's a start! He also loves flushing the toilet.

water sprinkling on him; from a shower or a rainfall or any other source
being left behind
feeling left out
his car seat, though he tolerates it better now that he faces front like his brothers
cow's milk
cold food like ice cream
being fed
church nurseries
having his teeth brushed

Is very comfortable walking backwards
jumps with two feet
puts his hands over his mouth when very excited and laughing
squats and claps to call the dog
says "Uh-oh," but it sounds like "Oh-oh," and he will sometimes intentionally toss something or drop something and say "Uh-oh"....not quite, buddy. I'm no fool.
blows bubbles and holds breath appropriately when swimming
signs 'airplane,' 'milk,' and 'more'
sits on toilet, flushes toilet, and washes hands afterwards, with help
feeds the dog any unwanted food on the sly
climbs stairs and ladders and chairs and tables and bookshelves and the stove....
indicates with inflection and pointing and a special "gnuh" sound when he particularly wants something. Toilet paper, cookies, up, a book, a toy, etc.
walks downstairs unassisted without holding the wall (though he often opts for sliding on his tummy because it is faster)
goes to sleep on his own in his crib after being nursed, cuddled, kissed, and having his lullaby CD turned on. And then I leave the room. And it is AWESOME. He plays and talks for a bit, and then falls asleep when he is ready. He doesn't cry. It rocks.
loves books and will open a book and babble away to himself, presumably telling tall tales of adventure in baby talk. He particularly likes interactive touch and feel board books. He tolerates being read to, though he mostly fights to turn the pages or rip the book out of your hands so it works better if he holds a book, and you hold a book, and you read parallel to each other.
blows raspberries
shakes his head "no"

Love to you, baby. I can't believe you are already this big.


tamie said...

You know what would be cool? If you could put up a a section for each boy on the side bar of your blog, and then you could keep track of all the monthly updates on them, and the photos and stuff. So that, I don't know, you'd have an organized record of each boy. Just an idea!

Dana said...

So cool how you keep track of monthly development, likes and dislikes. What a treasure. We are really noticing the acceleration of life. We are going to blink and next thing you know be watching them graduate high school. Crazy.