Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby in surgery

Ryen's pediatrician appointment was reported by Sara as follows:

"We saw the pediatrician today. He agreed that the swollen lymph node needs to come out. He said that the basic rule of thumb is anything under 1 cm can stay, anything over that needs to come out. Ryen's lump is 3.4cm. So we continue. He was a little more optimistic than my GP. He said that most of the time these are benign but that we won't know for sure until it's tested. Also, he felt that our surgeon is great and that the scar would be very small.

The only cause for concern (other than the looming 'lymphoma') was that Ryen is a little sick still and so his lungs may be further aggravated by the intubation and general anesthetic. If he does get sicker the doctor reassured us that we could deal with it and that his virus does not seem serious enough to warrant postponing surgery. The final call will be made by the anesthetist on Wednesday morning.

So, nothing new. A little more reassuring but still scary. This was what we expected from this visit but we both felt it was important to go and get the official second opinion.

I'm dreading Wednesday. The surgery, the waiting, the hospital. Yuck. And then I am totally dreading the waiting for the test results after the surgery. We still haven't heard anything about the x-ray or blood work results. I'm not calling because no news is good news in my books and I'm scared of the other kind of results.

So we wait."

It's 9:15 a.m on Wednesday now, and Ryen's surgery started at 8:50. Sara texted me at 9:00 and said it should last about an hour. So. Pray hard, pray deep, pray with love. Thanks, friends.

I'll keep you posted.



Lou and Marilyn Sawchenko said...

Praying for Ryen.

Breanne said...

God bless his little soul. I love that kid to bits.

Rachel Clear said...


Edna Reside said...

sara and leigh ;
I've been praying for Ryen all day. Please keep me informed of his progress, Much love, GiGi

tamie said...

Alright my dear, please keep us posted.

Sara and family said...

Thank you everyone for your love and support. Ryen is doing really well, a little sore, a little grumpy and a little swollen but otherwise great.