Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Don't we all feel that way sometimes??)
So last night when I logged on to the School of Midwifery website and was all excited? I was too tired to fill out the application right then and there, and decided there is no rush because the deadline for applications is January 15th. The application would take several hours to fill out, and there is an essay component that might take me more than a day to finish. So. This morning I log on to begin the application process and a message in red pops up: "The maximum number of applications have been recieved. Please contact the Division of Midwifery for further instructions."
AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! @#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!!!!!!!!!! All my plans. Gang aft aglay. I mean, I didn't harbour arrogance that I would get in for sure the first year I applied! 200 applicants, and only 10 spots, after all. But I had hoped I would at least be considered. And I wasn't prepared to KNOW my fate next year already! But then I paused. Something just didn't seem right about this situation. 200 applicants all knew the competition was fierce, and had their applications ready and saved, and went on at midnight and applied ahead of me, and filled the process to its maximum, and I never even heard that this was necessary?
So I phoned the admissions office at the SoM and a nice lady answered on the first ring. With her name. So nice! How nonacademiaish! She reassured me that it was the site itself experiencing technical difficulties, and to try again in an hour or so. Whew.
I think I shaved a few hours off the end of my life with that short term stress.

So I went on ten minutes later, and the site was running again. Yay! I filled in and saved the personal information page, then the resume page (which had work experience, volunteer experience, education, skills, technical trades, research projects published, life experience, etc, etc, etc. I mean, jeepers. When you put me down on paper I'm not all that impressive. All I've got is paramedic for 7 years, and raisin' babies. I got in a funk. I stewed. I racked my brain and stressed.
I had to pray that God would help me to calm down, because it was getting ridiculous.
When Brent woke up he was a tremendous help, which I knew he would be and considered waking him up at 10 a.m. after a long night shift just to help me. Yeah, I only considered that one for about 3 seconds. He is good at taking what I do and turning it into professional sounding jargon, especially for an academic application because he worked in the registrar's office for so long at Trinity. Plus, he's just good like that. Smart butt.
A few more hours off the end of my life, before Brent rescued me from Momma With No Skills and turned me into Overqualified Applicant.

That took a few hours of my day, in and amongst feeding kids and getting kids to school and doing laundry and dishes and showering and having sex (oops, was that my outside voice?). Midway into the afternoon, suddenly my application goes all weird. I had been saving it as I went along, on their website, but suddenly it only remembers a fraction of what I filled in. And some answers are in the wrong slots. And suddenly I need to log in again! And I go to log in and the message in red flashes across my screen again: "The maximum number of applications have been recieved. Please contact the Division of Midwifery for further instructions." @#$%^&*(*&^%$#@????? More hours shaved.
I haven't been able to get back on the website again since that happened. Fortunately I had copy and pasted the essay questions and was working on those on MSWord, so I have something to do, and something saved on my actual computer instead of on their website. But seriously, people. I have to rebuild that resume that took me HOURS today, as soon as the website is up and running again (I'm assuming. I'm not sure if it is saved in its correct form somewhere, but I'm not counting on it)!!
Lamaze breathing is in order, I believe.

Oh, the frustrations of life.


Matt and Colleen said...

wow, that sounds so frustrating! Matt wrote my resume and it makes me sound AMAZING. Sometimes I read it to remind myself that i have other skills beside breastfeeding and making playdough. I hope that the site works and you get it all in.

Rachel Clear said...

You know what? I bet they're just making it really really hard so they can weed out all the sissies. And you ain't no sissy, so you'll make this work, I just know it!

Good luck, Mel!

Dana said...

Seriously frustrating!! But won't it be all the more satisfying once it's in? Well, hopefully. ;)

So excited for you! You will be an amazing midwife. I'll have to save up and have another baby so I can fly you and Jen to wherever I am to attend me!

melissa said...

YEAH, rock on! You guys are very encouraging. I still haven't gotten anywhere with their website, and my main consolation is the fact that if I am having trouble, then everyone else is having trouble logging in, too.

And Dana, you wouldn't have to fly me out: I would fly there in a half a heartbeat to watch you catch your baby :)))


Anonymous said...

cut and paste the copy you saved into the form again.

melissa said...

no, the form was saved on THEIR website, not on my computer