Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Like you've never prayed before...

Remember my cousin Sara? She is one of my closest friends, and she has two amazing kids. Kaleb, who will be five in January, and Ryen, who turned one on October 16th. Today Ryen went to the doctor for his 12 month checkup, and the doctor found a large lump on his neck. She referred Ryen to a pediatrician and an oncologist [oh my GOD the words baby and oncologist should NEVER be in the same sentence together. NEVER], and tomorrow he goes for a CT and a biopsy and an ultrasound.
Please pray for this little boy. He is just...well....I guess it is pretty obvious why he really shouldn't have any serious health problems, isn't it? Please also pray for Sara, Leigh, and Kaleb, and for my Aunt Lynne who is Ryen's Gramma. Pray for some freaking strength, and some freaking peace, and some pretty miraculously dependable, trustworthy, astounding medical care. Pray for sleep. Pray for health. Pray that it's not cancer.

My favourite tidbits about Ryen are his big, huge eyes, his grin that takes up 3/4 of his face, his chunker thighs, his brilliant verbal acuity (he could say "bye daddy" when he was only 10 months old), his adamant individuality (he refuses to use baby sign, he commando crawled for ages, which was his way of doing things HIS WAY, and now refuses to walk--though he could, if he wanted to, he prefers doing things HIS WAY!!!), his wildly infectious giggle, and his really, incredibly, shockingly deep voice. His laugh is deeper and gruffer than my dad's. He is a perfect, perfect baby. Here is his picture, so you can imagine his face while you pray for him:

Thanks, all. I'll keep you updated.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Crappy, crappy, crappy. Are they going to know results right away? Thanks for including a picture of him. You're right, those two words should NEVER be in the same sentence. Our precious, precious babies. Will pray.

Dana said...

Praying for mr. Ryen, his mommy, daddy, brother, grandma, and every medical person involved in his case.

(I loved your description of him!)

tamie said...

Okay, Mel. I am praying. Let us know as soon as you do, okay?

Breanne said...

I have been agonizing over this and can't stop crying everytime I see his little face. I am praying like there is no tomorrow.

Apparantly, odds are it is something totally harmless, and we all have to keep thinking positive.

Just don't stop praying!!!!!

I love you Ryen!!!

Rachel Clear said...

Yes, praying big-time.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Wowzers. So stressfull.
I hope his lump is something totally harmless (like mine.)
Will Pray.


lori lls said...


saying a prayer...