Monday, November 23, 2009

My Laundry Woes

I hate my laundry pile. Hate. It. I don't hate washing clothes or drying clothes or even folding clothes, I just hate that it never goes away! It just sits there, washed or unwashed, and silently nags me.
Wash me.
Fold me.

Remember when I started the presorting system? It broke down at some point, and I've never gotten a handle on it again. I was complaining about this laundry situation to my mom and I told her,
"It would take doing three loads a day to stay on top of it, and I can't fold three loads of laundry a day!"
But afterwards I realized, no, we don't create three LOADS of laundry per day between the five of us, it isn't possible. For the Duggars, maybe, but not for five people. So I re-evaluated and realized that I haven't been doing the system properly. I take days off. For the system to work, you have to do one load per day, every day. No days off. So I've started doing one load a day, and I THINK I may have discovered the solution to my laundry pile was actually the solution I tried to implement and thought didn't work! I have also been whining lately that I need a mother's helper to come in twice a week and fold my laundry for me, because I never get to the bottom of it. But I decided to make it more of a scheduled thing, and not every day. So now, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I fold my entire pile. And put it away. And if I get to the pile another day per week, great. If I don't, fine. It's working! Not once this week has a little boy wailed, "I have no socks!" or "I have no underwear!"

Hold your just might work.....


Rachel Clear said...

A hearty high-five for figuring out a system that works!

Dana said...

SWEET! Go girl.

lori lls said...

I can totally relate to that monster called Laundry.

It's kinda weird. The household endeavor that's crazy big to me is cooking, which it seems to me you're good at. It is a full time job to plan, shop, prepare, and clean up food. And if I make a couple of miserable dishes in a row, I reeeealy start to wonder what the point is. I love it when something clicks in regard to meals, some little trick or ease-making notion.

It won't be long before your critters can start doing their own laundry, right? (Maybe?)