Saturday, November 14, 2009


My internet has been down this last week, and my personal computer genius Mr. Brent Vose was away on a week long hiking trip with his dad and brother, so I had no idea how to fix it. It was a lonely week, what with no husband AND no blogging!!! Yeesh! I read a book, which was really nice, and crocheted, but what I really wanted was some adult contact. I did finally rediscover the joys of the telephone, and spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone last night! Hilarious. Anyways, Brent has returned in one piece and in less than twelve hours he has made me 2 meals, unclogged the downstairs toilet, and fixed the internet connection on our computers. What would I do without him? Seriously. Life as a single parent is REALLY HARD. And lonely.

My cousin's baby Ryen

(and how cute is he here? He hated his halloween costume)

is still in need of serious prayers. This past week he had another doctor's appointment with his GP, a chest x-ray, and some blood work. Last week Sara took him to another doctor for a second opinion, and he told her it looked like cancer and sent her directly to the emergency department at the hospital. The doctor on duty at the ER told her it definitely ISN'T cancer, is just a swollen gland from a virus and will go away on its own, and sent her home. And then her GP told her that she must have misheard the ER doctor, because "No doctor in their right mind would ever say that." Can you say ROLLER COASTER?
Here are some specific prayer requests:
-Ryen sees a pediatrician on Monday. Please pray that the pediatrician will be kind, a good listener, reassuring, and knowledgeable.
-Ryen has surgery on Wednesday. Please pray that the surgery goes well with no complications and that Sara and Leigh will feel peace while their baby goes under a general anaesthetic and has surgery on his neck. Pray that he does not have cancer. Pray that the lump is minor and all tests show clear of any alarming medical problems. Pray that Ryen will not be scared.
-Pray that the roller coaster would stop. Conflicting opinions are helping nobody, and unclear or nonreassuring test results are only abetting the problem. Pray that trustworthy and talented medical staff would be in charge of his medical care from now on, and that support, reassurance, and accurate information would be in abundance.
-Pray for strength, and pray for sleep.

Thank you. ♥

I will post later with news on how my week went as a single parent of three.

Love, love, love.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I wondered if you were just working a whole lot and that's why you weren't blogging:)
Where did Brent go hiking for the week? Must've been CHILLY!
As for baby Ryen, oh my goodness, the roller coaster of it all. Could be nothing, could be something. Will pray for wonderful results from the surgery and peace for the family.

Dana said...

Praying for baby Ryen! The idea of a little one having surgery ties me up in knots. Praying hard for their peace. And for the care providers. And Ryen to be totally a-ok.

Three cheers for you single parenting three little munchkins for a week!