Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yummy and glummy

Today I made a new recipe. And it was YUMMY! Bacon (noncertified organic), onion, garlic, sauteed together. Then add peeled, diced pear, 1/2 cup white wine, 1/4 cup maple syrup, and simmer for 5 minutes. Add bread, crumbled, to soak up the liquid. Put a salmon filet on a cookie sheet, put some blue cheese (or brie, if not a blue cheese fan) on top, put the pear mixture on top of the cheese, and lay another salmon filet on top of that, face down. Bake @ 375 for 30 minutes, and voila, deeeeelish.

Aside from the delicious, I've been feeling kind of glum lately. Not depressed or anything, but kind of gloomy. Last week I was sick as a dog so I'm just coming out from under that. Yesterday was the first time in 10 days that I walked the kids to school; before that I was too weak and got winded walking up the stairs! On the weekend I had a fantabulous time, so maybe it's the post-major-fun slump? Added to the getting-over-an-illness fog?

Here was my fun weekend:
Thursday, went shopping with best friend for new Christmas/winter dressy dress. Was looking for SEXY. Found it. And earrings. And a necklace. AND SHOES. All in an hour and a half--how wild is that?!
Friday, went to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Moulin Rouge with aforementioned best friend and other best friend!!!!!! It was so good. SO GOOD.
Beautiful, wonderful, entrancing, made me laugh, made me cry, surprised me at the end...it was perfect. And so fun to go with girlfriends who appreciate it as much as I do. Brent appreciates ballet but doesn't jump up and down and squeal like my friends and I do, you know? :) We also went out for dinner beforehand, and dessert afterwards. I wore my aforementioned SEXY getup and got a compliment from a stranger! Nice! Funny aside--at the beginning of the night, my boobs were empty and fit inside the bra and dress just fine. By the end of the night and two missed feeds, the boobs were a tiny bit obscene.
Saturday, went to the final night of the So You Think You Can Dance (American) tour in Everett, Washington with the same friends!!!!! So cool! I did not want to go at the beginning of the night because I was tired and worn out and still sick, but I went anyways and LOOOOVED it! We had AWESOME SEATS and I could have died of happiness.

It was so cool. I didn't wear my sexy dress because it is not comfortable enough to wear two nights in a row. I wore jeans and a nice top, and I DID wear my new earrings. I appalled my sister in law (who was also at the concert) by texting her that I was so close to one of the male dancers that I could have licked his ass and LOVED it...yummy...You know, if it can't be said, Melissa's the one who will be saying it!
I had Ayden take a picture of me in my new dress but in the photo I just look fat, so no way am i posting that. Maybe Brent can get a better one! If he can stop trying to take the dress OFF for long enough to take a PHOTO (yeeesh!)...

So yeah, now that I think about it, the glummy really is probably a post-fun-weekend slump! All this dreary RAIN sure doesn't help!


Rachel Clear said...

Haha! Great post (aside from the gloominess). Loved the quote about the dancer. Priceless.

Was the compliment from the stranger before or after your boobs became obscene? :)

melissa said...

haha! before! and it came from a female!

jenna said...

i wanna see the dress. brent... sheesh.

Jen said...

yeah, i want to see the dress, too

Dana said...

Sounds like a couple of awesome outings! And an awesome meal. And an awesome dress!

lori lls said...

Yeah, you know dresses are good when somebody wants 'em off, NOW.

Very funny post.