Thursday, December 24, 2009 a dog....

We're at my parents' place in Vernon, which is very nice, with some pretty icy snow and lots of nice food and good visiting. And I'm SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK. As a dog. Yesterday afternoon I didn't feel that great. Upset stomach, low energy, etc. At suppertime I was VERY hungry, so, despite the upset stomach, I ate two pieces of pizza, some salad, and several glasses of diet pepsi. You know, carbonated beverages are supposed to help settle your stomach. I started to feel feverish, and had the chills pretty bad, so I went in the hot tub with the kids for a bit. That was a mistake. I got out and was very lightheaded and almost fainted [from, I suspect, the dilation of blood vessels that happens in a hot tub, and the subsequent drop in blood pressure], and the nausea got WAY worse. I laid down and the lightheadedness got better, but the nausea continued. I kept thinking "NO WAY AM I EVER GETTING PREGNANT AGAIN, CONSTANT NAUSEA IS TORTURE!" Which is true; I read in a medical journal that chronic nausea is rated as worse than chronic pain and should be aggressively treated. I had a patient once who had suffered from chronic nausea for several years, and he was on long term disability from it. Talk about awful. Anyways, I'm not a chronic nausea sufferer--simply a wimp--and I rolled around in bed with fever and chills, cursing the very existence of pizza and diet pepsi, until I finally threw up a few hours later. Eight times. Or maybe nine? It's kind of all a blur. The pizza and pepsi pretty much came up looking exactly the way it went in, but liquified and mixed with stomach acid. The look, smell, and taste made me throw up more. Oh my God in heaven above, the grossness.
After that, I felt a ton better. For a short period of time. Several times in the night I woke up with fever/chills/nausea, but my kind husband got me gravol and ibuprofin on demand, and my kind baby slept through it all, and my kind Jesus answered every time I prayed and asked him to send me Brent to fetch me drugs or a washcloth or to fetch AWAY the puke in a trash can. I have not been that sick since I had appendicitis when I was 15. I threw up when I was pregnant with Riley (remember the time I puked so hard at work that I couldn't take care of my 102 year old stroke patient? I'm still famous at work for that one), but nothing like this. I have an intense fear of throwing up, and I think it stems from the appendicitis I had at 15 where I threw up HARD for 24 hours and was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper sick. So I generally would way rather put up with nausea than throw up. I'll do anything to avoid throwing up. But last night the nausea was so bad that I actually prayed that I WOULD throw up, and a few seconds later I did.

If you are still reading this, I applaud you. :)

So, if you feel so inclined, do feel sorry for me, sick as a dog at Christmas. I'm actually feeling MUCH better now--no more fever, chills, or puking, and only slight nausea when I eat something. I'm just weak and tired. And laughing at myself for the short term veto of another pregnancy. If I don't have another baby it won't be because of the nausea! Though it is pretty torturous, and I remember swearing off another baby many times in those 14 weeks of nausea with Riley. That baby put me through the ringer, man.

Merry christmas, friends!!
stay healthy.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Glad you are feeling a little better...although now I think I feel nauseated from reading it:) My first thought was, `Oh my goodness! She's pregnant!'. Nope. Have a great Christmas!

melissa said...

haha, not i! not this month, anyways :)

ms emili louann said...

feel better, sweetheart :) try to enjoy your christmas!!

Asheya said...

Oooh, sucks! I am sending sympathy your way. At least you know it's not malaria ha ha ha.