Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009, Photo Edition

Gingerbread!! The fourth kid is our friend, Bodhi. Isn't he gorgeous? All four of them will be ladykillers...

Breast is best pics. My hubby knows I love bf pictures, but he constantly cuts my head out of the picture. Talk about dehumanizing :p

Here are my three breastmilk-fed boys having a cuddle with their mommy;

Christmas Eve Jammie opening. So cute!

Church and early morning stockings:

Christmas morning gifts;

And that, friends, is Christmas in a nutshell. I didn't take nearly enough photos, especially of all the OTHER people I love and am related to and saw this Christmas. It's tough whenever anything is going on to remember to pull out the camera WHILE chasing three kids...


Rachel Clear said...

Here is a list of things I love about this post, in no particular order:

Your U.S. flag shirt. Yeah!

Riley's seemingly firm deathgrip on your boob.

Your boob.

The fact that your boys open their jammies in their underoos so they're ready to get RIGHT into the pjs.

Your hubby's face at the end... what was he opening?

This was a great, great, post. Photos AND words!!!

ms emili louann said...

holy cow! you have some amazingly beautiful children! nice job!