Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The thing about cold

There are several things about cold weather around here that are notable. One, is that most of the houses in this area are really not built for it. Even with the blinds and curtains closed, six feet in front of any of our windows is freezing cold. The front door is visibly drafty. Any room over the garage is unlivable. The thermostat just can't accurately heat every room in the house to an even, warm temperature.
But I have to say that for me, the biggest annoyance about cold weather has got to be breastfeeding. When Riley nurses, he's generally fully clothed, dressed quite warmly for nighttime when he kicks off his blankets, and he's working hard, so he's sweaty and hot. When Riley nurses, I'm generally semi naked from the waist up because my shirt has to be up, my bra off, and both breasts free because he is still adamant about switching from side to side every 10 seconds or so, even in his sleep. He doesn't like being covered by a blanket because he's hot, but I can't nurse without a blanket because I'm freaking GOOSEbumpy I'm so COLD. And what does he do with his cold little hands and/or feet? Kneads my stomach.
If my house wasn't so drafty this wouldn't be such a big problem.

We found a pair of really good snowpants for Matthew today, 50% off! We paid $23 for good quality snowpants that will hopefully fit him for at least two years. Which is fantastic, because I hate paying full price for snow gear here--the amount of times you use the full snow suit in a year barely justifies the sale price. Now he needs a jacket. Costco is sold out, Please Mum has nothing in his size, Children's place had only WHITE (who buys a WHITE coat you CANNOT WASH for a BOY?!??), and the Bay had nothing on sale. If I'm going to pay $80 at the Bay, I may as well pay $80 at M.E.C. and get a decent one. We don't ski. We just get a few weeks of cold, frosty weather per year, and toboggan at my parents' place around Christmas or shortly afterwards, depending on the year.

My friend was going to lend us a snowsuit for Riley, but she hasn't coughed it up yet and Riley is freezing, so we're going to have to spring for something for Riley soon, also. Maybe I'll check out Winners? My mom found a good one last year at Winner's for Riley. Very cute. Very warm. The kids have excellent rain gear, but not so much for the snow gear. Fortunately they all have good boots, which I bought last year in the spring, on sale. That's always a gamble: "How big are my kid's feet going to be eight months from now??" This year it worked out.

Matthew said to me the other day as we got into the car:
"Mommy, can you turn on the hot conditioning? I'm very cold."
Too funny.

My laundry situation is under control again. The cat pee helps; it motivates me to keep the laundry off the floor, so I fold it more often. Washing a load every day works, too. Barely. But it works. I still wish I had a Mother's Helper to come fold it for me, but I don't know anyone the right age who lives close who might be interested. In just a few more years Ayden will be old enough, maybe I'll make it his chore. But I still have to make it through the next few years! Oh, if only I lived in a country that had affordable domestic help!!!!!

Christmas is almost upon us. I'm excited!! I tried to change things up for advent, be more contemplative, set aside more time to pray, make an advent wreath......
maybe next year? I did set aside more time for contemplation and prayer for two days at the beginning of advent, and after that I forgot. Nice. I think the problem is that I make advent one more thing 'to do,' rather than a mindset or change of heart. But how do you do that?

Brent just came in and asked me where Matthew is. I didn't know, so he started going around looking all over the house for him, and found him in the time out chair. I put him there an HOUR AGO and FORGOT ABOUT HIM!!! Isn't that aweful?! And kind of funny at the same time?!?!?! At least I didn't forget him at the gas station or a restaurant--he was safe and warm in the bathroom! Oh my gosh, what a funny kid! Why didn't he call out to remind us he was there? Maybe he was enjoying the peace and quiet?
What a zoo. I better go.


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Hey Mel, I do have an Osh Kosh red size 18 months snowsuit if you would like to borrow it for Riley this winter. I think Koen is a bit too short for it still. It`s second hand but it worked well for Kai. Let me know. Also, I will get you a picture of Rusty and Pengoo tomorrow!

Asheya said...

Oh my gosh, I love that you forgot about Matthew in a time out and then blogged about it!

Glad to hear your laundry pile is somewhat under control--I think I sense a little jealousy there about domestic help! I seriously wish I could send you someone to fold your laundry. That's a good idea about maybe finding a teenager in your area who might be interested in earning a few dollars a week helping with some basic tasks. I hope you find some one.

I would send you our unused snowsuits, but they are in Whitehorse!

Wow, I am full of good intentions but no follow through tonight.

I am so with you about wishing you could just find some time for Advent. My spiritual life is below zero right now. Sigh. I don't know why it's so hard. That's not true. I know why it's hard. Because I don't fit into any 'church' anymore, and I hardly even know what I believe. But I know Jesus is important. Really important. And I know there is grace for me. I just wish I could access some of it and spread it around when my family is driving me crazy!

Thanks for writing. You help keep me sane :)

Dana said...

Here's my trick- I use a baby sized fuzzy blanket to cover my top arm and shoulder and exposed tummy. Keeps me toasty without sweating Joshua out.

Good luck with the winter gear!

We started out the same way and now I can't find our advent devotionals and it's just faded into a "hopefully next year" sort of dream.

Three kids definitely = zoo some times. Wow. Glad you found Matthew. :)

Tonya said...

Hilarious on the time out thing. Seth is like that too. Although he now will call out to me and ask if he can get out. Josiah, on the other hand, screams and yells the entire time, so we never forget. :-)

Ayden is definitely old enough to fold some of your laundry. He can put socks and underwear in the correct piles and fold all towels. Seth does this already, so Ayden certainly can!

I wear a long sleeved top to sleep in, so I don't freeze quite as much while nursing. But I SO get what you're saying!!! Lots of heavy blankets on my lower half, nothing on the top. Frozen! :-)