Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walking to school

I have to upload some pictures for you--this is getting ridiculous!! And I HAVE to take the camera with me on the walk to school and take some pictures, because the kids are so cute. I have been letting Riley walk part of the way home in the mornings, and this morning he made it all the way from the school yard to our front door on his own steam! That is a good 1/2 to 3/4 km walk. And he's so busy. Matthew is running back and forth and doing imaginative play with sticks and moss and pieces of cement, and Riley is out of breath from trying to keep up with him--picking up sticks, doing the toddler run that is actually slower and more dangerous than walking because their feet get all tangled up underneath them, trying so hard to off road or hold the stick in a mittened hand, and screeching when he gets frustrated [like, every three seconds]. The sun has been out lately, so it is clear and cold and the sun shines between the trees and houses, and it is gorgeous. I'm so happy in this kind of weather. The kids love the frost, but they are praying nightly for snow. The trouble is, it is rarely this cold in our climate when there is cloud cover, and you need precipitation for snow (obviously)!

In other family stuff, the dog has stopped peeing on the floor, which is awesome! But he's still not allowed upstairs because every time we let him, he pees on the rug. Plus, the cat is so traumatized by the existence of the dog that upstairs is now her domain. So much so, that she has begun peeing on the clean laundry pile instead of bothering to brave the dog and go to her litter in the garage. Awesome. You get one creature to stop pissing on the floor, and he passes the torch to someone else. Cat piss is SO much worse than dog piss. A few weeks ago in church Brent discovered he had dried cat pee on the crotch of his jeans. Guess how happy he was about that? The dog also got his nuts cut off last week, so he's sporting a fashionable and useless white cone, and a tortured look on his face. He gets the stitches out and cone off tomorrow.

Last week Riley spilled half a bottle of gentian violet on his brand new, third time worn Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls I splurged on in Washington when we went to see So You Think You Can Dance. Then he got up and walked across the rug, dragging the gentian violet stained pant cuffs from our bedroom door to our bathroom door. Purple stains on a beige rug. ROCK ON! I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, being a scullery maid in a former life, and I'm happy to report the rug stains are out. The carpet looks a little worse for wear in those spots, but at least the purple is gone! The overalls I have not been able to save, although I think they are cheaper to replace than a rug.

We also hosted my book club Christmas party Sunday evening, with a cheese fondue followed by a chocolate fondue and gift exchange and voting on our book nominations for next year. Wow, was that ever fun! And in anticipation of all this partying in our house, Brent finished the kitchen renovations!!! He completed our downstairs bathroom JUST in time for thanksgiving in October, and now the kitchen JUST in time for book club party. We just have 2 more bathrooms to renovate and then the house will be set to put on the market. I am SO EXCITED! Not for having to keep the house clean to SHOW it, but to move. Hurrah, hurrah. I'll post before and afters--the transformation is remarkable!!


Tania Grim said...

I have book club tonight and we are doing a white elephant book gift exchange. should be fun.

jenna said...

I miss you.
kasey says "aiden doesn't come to our church anymore"
and I said "how do you know that?"
and she said "because the boy with brown skin doesn't come anymore"

melissa said...

Lol!!! Too funny, Jenna! It's nice he's famous for his skin and not for his other antics......

I miss you, too. Wanna hang out?

jenna said...

yes. lets.