Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things that WORK

I've been wanting to post about this brand and sing their praises to HIGH heaven;

Robeez baby shoes are very popular, but this is one brand of popular I can buy into. These shoes ROCK! The knockoffs are not as good, if you ask me, because they generally seem to slip off easier and/or don't last as long. Here are the shoes:

I like them because they are soft and comfortable, easy to slip on and off (relatively) for the parent, all non toxic materials and dyes so safe enough for babies to chew on, non slip soles, difficult for babies to take off, don't fall off unless they are too big, and durable as heck. I have several pairs that have gone through three boys and are still going strong. I have a pair in each size. The only downside is if your kid has VERY fat feet, the elastics can leave marks on their ankles. They are the next best thing to bare feet. VERY easy to walk in, also. And crawl in. Machine washable.

They also have these lined booties for winter:

These are wonderful for walks and stroller rides and in the Ergo, because their pants often hike up a bit but the bootie will keep their lower legs nice and warm, but never fall off. These are also very soft, and quite toasty.

And I discovered this time around that they have sandals for summer, too!

I LOVE these because they are cool enough to wear on the hottest days, but they are still very soft like the other styles, so they are very easy to walk in. Regular, hard soled sandals always (a) trip my babies, and (b) fall off every three seconds.

I lost one sandal about a week ago. I am NOT impressed, and am hunting it down...
(pair of sandals or shoes: approx $30. Booties: approx $40. Worth it. My babies live in them until they are two)

So. There's one product that WORKS. And the woman who designed them is Canadian, to boot. She lived in Vernon when she invented them, and my mom has met her before. She named her company after her son, Robbie.

Another brand that works like heck is M.E.C. Another Canadian gem, M.E.C. is Mountain Equipment Co-op, an outdoor equipment and clothing store with kick ass quality at co-operative prices. Co-op membership is a one time, $5 fee and then you are a member for life. They sell everything from carabinas to kayaks, and have a climbing wall INSIDE THEIR STORE. How cool is that?
Because we live in a bloody rain forest, we need good rain gear. All of us. So today we made the semi annual trek to M.E.C. in Vancouver and made these purchases;

I like M.E.C. because they are quintessentially Vancouver. Eco-responsible, outdoorsy, durable, no fuss, dependable. We also own waterproof puddle pants for both older boys, and Ayden has a the same backpack as the one we bought today for Matthew (not exactly the same as the one shown above, but it was the closest I could find on their website), and it still looks brand new and functions as brand new after a year of heavy duty use. The puddle pants are very durable, as well. So we own 2 jackets in size 4 and 5, yellow and blue, puddle pants, two backpacks, and an all in one zip up waterproof suit for Riley, pictured above (in Red). They come in bright colours, with reflective strips for safety (except the toddler suit. What's up with that? Red should be visible enough, though).

The downside to their rain gear is the polyurethane coating, which isn't supposed to be the healthiest plastic to be around, but it's raingear, not sleeping gear, so I'm pretty comfortable using it. And it WORKS! Kids gear runs about $40 to $50 for a jacket or all in one, $20 for pants, $10 for mitts. They had cute knit hats, but I couldn't justify spending $23 on a hat I could make myself (now that I'm the domestic diva). So, not cheap. But it could be WAY worse, considering the quality and popularity, but because it's a Co-op the prices are not so high. And I have enough kids that I get my money's worth out of these products, let me tell you!

That's it for today!
[puppy photos to come, I promise. I want to catch up on all the summer photos first. His name is Simon. He is black. He is VERY CUTE. His favourite place to poop is in the boys' bedroom. I'm his favourite family member, which is a VERY smart move on his part, deliberate choice I'm sure. He follows me around everywhere I go, and cuddles me with these, "I need a momma" eyes and adoring gaze...jeepers....]


Riley did the 'milk' sign for me yesterday, though not because he wanted some. He just wanted to talk about it for some reason!

Anyways, I just wanted to say that he has developed the sweetest way to let me know he wants to breastfeed. He will whine to get up on my lap, then move his face so that he intercepts my line of vision, and puts his hand on my face. His facial expression is a mixture between worried and needing a cuddle. It's the sweetest thing, because he is always so rough, but in this ONE thing, he is gentle.

(he'll still bite while nursing though. The gentleness only goes so far...)

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