Thursday, January 14, 2010

17 Months

Riley is 17 months old today. He's beautiful. And lively. And I love him to bits.

How's THAT for a photo? While at my mom's place I found this dress in the spare room closet--my mom bought it when she found out I was pregnant with Riley, because she was hoping for a girl. He makes a good looking girl, doesn't he?? It's the eyelashes. They're ladykillers.

Riley can now:
walk backwards
climb the bookshelves
nurse even with distractions (that took awhile!!)
climb in and out of his high chair
blow his nose
yank on his penis like it has go-go-gadget extension capacity
open and close small doors and windows on toys, turn buttons on and off, and twist the tops off medicine bottles
put on chapstick (this makes us HOWL with laughter, because he basically puts the tube in his mouth and french kisses it)
sit on the potty, put toilet paper in the potty, flush the potty, but not actually PEE in the potty
engage in interactive play with his brothers
say ma, da, nod his head, shake his head, say uh-oh and woah, truck, go, and 'gnh' which is his sound for 'I want something.' If he can't communicate 'gnh' by pointing, he will take your hand and lead you to it and patiently and persistently repeat 'gnh' until you figure it out. He is so polite about it, it is hard to say no or walk away from. When he wants something particularly he will sign 'more' and say 'gnh.' When he wants to nurse he points at my chest with one finger and says 'gnh' and when he wants to switch sides he points at my other breast and says 'gnh.' It's quite funny how versatile one sound can be!

He is also developing quite the sense of humor. He likes to play tricks on us. He likes to drink sips of water and spit them violently on the floor/bed/carpet/dog/himself and laugh hysterically and then do it again. He likes to play chase. His laugh is so full of joy it is really difficult to resist joining in, even when he's breaking the rules.

He is easygoing about most things, but particular about a select few things. It is difficult to distract him when he's got his mind caught on one of the select few.

touch and feel story books
any toy with a shape the size and/or shape of a nipple on it
ride on toys
garbage trucks
recycling trucks
semi trucks
delivery trucks
fire trucks....
shoes/boots/slippers/socks--he has a foot fetish
blowing raspberries
splashing water
brushing his teeth
pop goes the weasel
jingle bells in Orf music class--he VIBRATES when she brings the basket out!! He's basically uninterested in the class until it is jingle bell time and then he's the teacher's shadow

his hands being dirty. He will 'gnh, gnh' all distressed and hold out his hand and there will be the TINIEST BIT of yogurt or spaghetti sauce on his knuckle or the palm of his hand. Somebody tell him he's a BOY. He's supposed to LIKE being dirty!
separation from mom or brothers (he is more accustomed to separation from daddy, I think, because daddy works full time)
being left behind when we drop Matthew off at kindergarten. He really wants to go to kindergarten!
diaper changes
being mimicked--it makes him scream
ice cream--to cold
his face being washed

He is a cheerful and easygoing guy, with tons of personality and enthusiasm for life. He is shy though, so when people talk to him he pops out the dimples and turns his head and peeks at them from under his ridiculous eyelashes. That's popular. When people touch him he yanks his arms or legs away, and when they pick him up, he screams. He is quite uncomfortable being touched by people outside his immediate family, except grandparents. He hates the church nursery with a passion. He LOVES trucks and machines and sirens and beeps and noises and birds and dogs, and it is very fun to rediscover the world through his eyes and enthusiasm. Wow! The backup beeper of a garbage truck hasn't seemed this full of wonder and astonishment since Matthew was tiny! Lucky me, I get to rediscover the world three times! :)

He also understands a huge majority of what we say to him. It's neat to see him carry out requests of him that make you realize that he understands who and what surround him, and verbs like 'give' and 'pat' and 'put down' and 'lie down' and 'go!' This age is magical. It always makes me want another baby.

Love you, Bu! You are a great source of joy. Keep exploring the world with enthusiasm and laughter!!



Louise and Gary Chapman said...

His eyes are incredible! Happy 17 months Riley.

Breanne said...

Happy 17, Riley! What a pretty girl! Lol. ;D

Rachel Clear said...

Had the funniest dream about you and Riley last night... I put it on my blog.

(It was about you guys and other things... bizarre!)

Maybe because yesterday you said you might bring him to our get together so I dreampt about meeting you guys? I'll never know.