Monday, January 25, 2010

3/4 of a pound of butter

So Saturday evening I made popcorn. I left on the counter 3/4 of a package of butter, and sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, the dog ate it. And then had expLOSIVE diarrhea all over the carpeted landing on our stairs, which will never recover. Since then, he has liquid pooped all over our backyard, and he has NOT STOPPED FARTING, OMG IT IS DISGUSTING!!!

Who eats 3/4 of a pound of BUTTER?!



Roboseyo said...'m-not-even-madWill-Ferrell-Anchorman-The-Legend-of-Ron-Burgundy-Ron-Burgundy-

ms emili louann said...


jenna said...

I melted half of a plastic container on my flat top stove this morning. Seriously, half the container before I noticed. How am I gonna clean that one? It smells bad but not as bad as liquid poop all day long.

Caryn Ouwehand said...


Rachel Clear said...

All I'm gonna say is... I am so glad my morning sickness had stopped before I read this. :)