Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Run, and some malfunctions

Today I went for a run. I dropped Matthew off at school, put Riley in the stroller, and went for a run. I haven't run for almost a year now. I ran some after Riley was born, but I found it difficult to keep to it, to motivate myself when it was cold or wet, and to strive to attain any running goals. So I kind of stopped. And then I found booty camp, which is great, but isn't doing everything I'd like it too around my midriff. So I decided to try and run again, in addition to boot camp. Maybe that will do the trick! Today I ran for 30 minutes, and along the way there were a few malfunctions, which made me laugh, and that I kept thinking I wanted to share with YOU all, so here we go:
First, I was tightening the drawstring on my jogging pants, which actually belong to Brent and are therefore way too big and need waist cinching. The string broke. And the end of the string went INSIDE the waistband, which of course is fatal in regards to ever getting it back. I jimmied it somehow and managed to keep my pants up for the rest of the run. A few blocks in, I realized I was wearing the WRONG BRA, which of course is fatal in regards to dignified running. I debated returning to change my bra, but figured it would put me far enough behind in my time schedule to make it not worthwhile. Then all of a sudden my vision was foggy and I realized I was still wearing my glasses, which were now steaming from my sweaty face. I had forgotten to put my contacts in.
So there I was, bouncing heavily, hiking up my broken drawstring pants, with foggy glasses. SOOOOO cool!
But I ran! For 30 minutes!! It felt great.
Sun Run, here I come!!


Caryn Ouwehand said...

You know that guys were driving by looking at your giggly boobs thinking... "that's hot, Ooooooh and look her pants are about to fall down!"

Way to put on a show for them all...

Asheya said...

Awe.Some. This one made me laugh out loud.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Good job running! Hopefully I will running soon too!

Sara and family said...

Okay, here's a running challenge for you: My goal is to run the TC 10K here in April (I think the Sun Run is usually around the same time, right?). So let's challenge each other to run the 10k's this spring. Running is about the only type of exercise I can get. I don't have time or money for the gym and I always have kids with me. Plus I love it. I went this morning for half an hour, in the rain, by myself before Leigh left for work. Heaven.


melissa said...

HAHAHA, I dunno if my type of jiggly is what the guys are after, Caryn....But I sure did like your scenario!!!

Sara--YOU'RE ON!! I need someone to make sure I do this!!! My hope (can I call it a goal?) is to run the entire 10 K without walking, I don't care if it takes me two hours.

It IS fun, isn't it? And SO FREE!! THough I do need new shoes...

Erin said...
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jenna said...

I am not Erin. I don't realize it when other people have logged in on my computer.
I wrote:
Way to go! I give up way too easy. Like if I was still at home and realized I had to change my bra- that would be enough to discourage me from going for a run.
And pick a day next week to come over, or meet somewhere, but not to run.

melissa said...

Okay, Erin/Jenna! How about the 14th? I'm free from noon onward. I'll come to your place!!! Woohoo!!!

And by this point, whenever there is a comment from someone I don't recognize, I assume it's from you