Friday, January 29, 2010

Goin' Lori Style, too

Lori sometimes writes bullet paragraph blog posts, and it is refreshing to write tidbits as just bits, without the tid. Tamie copied her today, and I thought this was so brilliant I decided to copy her copy!

I'm a cooking machine, people. I got the cookbook Deceptively Delicious for Christmas from my sister in law, Billie, and it is awesome!! It is a cookbook for parents who want to hide more vegetables in their recipes so their kids will eat veggies without even knowing it. I have made ground turkey meatloaf (twice) with carrots, celery, and onion 'hidden' in the meat. And I made meatball soup (also calling for ground turkey, but the meat shop was out of ground turkey so I made them with beef) with yams, tomatoes, carrots, and onion hidden in either the meatballs or the broth. It was really good--made with whole wheat bowtie pasta, which the kids love. I also roasted another chicken and made gravy again. Wowee. GOOD FOOD. And I made burritos. And homemade salsa--roma tomatoes, finely chopped red onions, finely chopped jalepeno peppers, fresh cilantro, and fresh squeezed lime juice. That salsa makes me wonder if it is grossly misrepresentational to call what we buy in the store 'salsa.' And homemade guacamole--mashed avacado, chopped tomatoes, mexican chili powder, fresh cilantro, and fresh squeezed lime juice. Gosh, I love food. It is amazing I don't weigh 400 pounds.

Speaking of loving good food, I discovered DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED POMEGRANATE at Costco. $10 of chocolate and pomegranate jelly goodness. Oh my goodness. See aforementioned 400 pounds.

Ayden was washing his hands and telling me about The Tale of Desperaux novel that he just finished. He said, "Do you know what the book is about, mommy?"
"Um, Desperaux?"
"Yeah, but it's also about light and darkness."
I feel kinda dumb right now.

Soother use is down, sleep disturbance is up. I'm happy to report that the pacifier has not been employed since Tuesday night's daddy bedtime. I'm pleasantly surprised at the increase in Riley's requests to breastfeed. He didn't often have a soother before, because we mostly restricted his access. But without any access at all, his desire for milk and his desire to suck have merged. Overall, he is probably breastfeeding 25% more often, and way more in public. It was never me who was reticent to breastfeed in public. It was him.
Nighttime involves a lot more empty boob use than ever before. I can sleep while he's nursing, but not on an empty boob. So I sleep less. Maybe that will change.

The dog is over his diarrhea. His farts, however, still smell like rotten fish guts on hot pavement.

National Geographic this month has an interesting article on polygamy. If you have a chance, you should read it--I'm sure you could online if you can't get a tangible copy? There were some interesting things noted, including the fact that attempts to provide a way out, refuge, or shelters to women in polygamous communities are largely unsuccessful. In general, women don't want to leave.
I'm sure there are many instances of abuse where women feel that they cannot leave, but it was mentioned in several places in the article that Fundamentalist LDS women who are experiencing abuse at the hands of their husbands can be reassigned to a non abusive husband if she desires. So in some instances there is an in-community solution for abuse.
I actually believe polygamy should be legal. Amongst consenting adults, I see this as a freedom of religion issue. Or lack thereof. Adults should be able to choose, even if we don't agree with their choices.
In my opinion.

UBCs School of Midwifery is reviewing applications now. Pray.

Ikea is awesome. And evil. Today we visited, and got a new duvet cover for just $25!! And a toy box for $125. And a new dog bed for $12. And.....the thing with cheap is that you wind up spending more than you bargained for, because things are so cheap! And we need things!! Especially things that help us organize our mess, like a toy box. A new duvet cover will help our home look nice when we put it on the market to sell. Very soon.

Speaking of organization, I've begun a thorough sweep of my house. Specifically, the playroom, which is also our guest room with bunk beds. I am sorting thus: keep, toss, give away to charity. [Anyone recognize the TLC show Clean Sweep? Not all TV is evil] So far: five smallish baskets of keep toys like lego, Mr Potato Head, and Lincoln Logs, a quarter bag of give away to charity toys, and TWO HUGE BLACK GARBAGE BAGS of toss toys. Broken toys, McDonald's toys, incomplete puzzles, empty buckets, scraps of paper, rocks, and some bug bits. I'm only halfway through the room! And then there is their bedroom, and our bedroom, and the living room, and the kitchen, and under the sinks in both upstairs bathrooms.
I need my cousin Sara here to help. She loves to organize. She actually thinks about the state of her closets WHEN THE DOORS ARE CLOSED. Who does that? I love that closets exist so that I can ignore their disarray when I close the door! Brent makes fun of how I can spazz over the counter or the table, but think nothing of tossing egg beaters in a corner cupboard and slamming the door shut before they fall out.

p.s. I changed my blog template. Do you like it?


ms emili louann said...

1. i am a fan of the bullet-point format, myself :)

2. all food mentioned in this post sounds pretty much amazing

3. ikea is the second love of my life

4. i DO like the new format. very spiffy!

Sara and family said...

I'm coming next month, I can help tackle the closets in return for somewhere to sleep. I love clean closets. They make me happy. Seriously.

Asheya said...

I agree with the polygamy thing. Actually, polygamy is technically a man who has more than one wife, and I think it should be legal for either gender to have more than one spouse.
Science fiction does a good job of imagining societies where these types of arrangements work well.
I think the whole *shock* how could you possibly think having more than one spouse would be okay thing is pretty hilarious in a Christian context, given that the most notable patriarchs in the bible had more than one wife, or at least a wife and concubines.

We've evolved to seeing women as people, not possessions. I think there's still room to evolve in the whole arena of love as possession of the other and so jealousy as a *good* emotion that proves love.

tamie said...

I totally think polygamy should be legal too. No question.

The new format will take me a while to get used to, since I totally associated the old one with you! But I do like the new one. Yep yep!

Go you on organizing. Oh, and what's the plan after the house sells??