Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Longest Day of the Year

No, the longest day of the year is not summer solstice. It was today. I've been seriously funked for about a week, as I mentioned in my next to last post. Though the walk/bike riding/wrestling lifted me out of my funk, I was squarely back in deep funk when I woke up this morning. In fact, this morning was bad enough to remind me of last year. Ick. I phoned my go-to-in-emergency friend, but she's in Anchorage for a marine biology conference so she didn't answer. Then I couldn't think of anyone else to call, though after I unfunked I thought of a long list. I was thinking local, but tons of you are long distance and good at unfunking me. Silly me.
Anyways, I dragged myself and three kids out of bed to get Ayden off to school this morning, and it was one of those mornings where you JUST can't move fast enough, you know? The clock seems set on double time, and your feet on half time. So gross. We squeaked in the door of Ayden's classroom three minutes late, Riley with an incredibly stinky poopy diaper, and Matthew with food on his face. Yes, I'm THAT MOM.
I then went home and crawled into Ayden's bed, because Brent was trying to sleep in to shore up for his night shift. Riley played on the floor and Matthew was banging around downstairs, no doubt pestering the dog or other forbidden fruit. I didn't have enough energy to do anything to get my mood in a more manageable place, so I just lay there and cried. Suuuuucks.
Anyways, I was dragging myself along, getting up to do laundry and then returning to bed, getting up to shower and then returning to bed, etc, thinking, 'If I can just make it to 11:00, Brent will wake up and I can get out of the house.' I wanted to go to the tanning salon, because five minutes in the stand up bed can go a long way in improving how I feel, but of course I can't bring my kids so I had to wait for Brent to wake up. So at 11:00 I went in there and he tells me he is SICK AS A DOG. I cried. I really did. I felt like I had performed this superhuman feat to get to eleven, and now I have to keep slogging!? But I didn't let Brent see me cry. Like he needs me whining and sobbing when he's puking and pooping and shaking with fever.
It turned out okay, but it was a very. Very. VERY. Long. Day.
When Riley was napping I drove very quickly to the tanning salon and the drug store and the meat shop, and very quickly home (less than 20 minutes total!) because I knew B could do what it takes if there was a fire or something, but it would be very unfair to expect him to parent Riley if he woke up! He was that sick. Anyways, Riley slept for over two hours so everything was fine there, but I had to walk to school for the bigger boys with the most hyperactive dog imaginable (who had ripped the door of his crate wide open earlier in the day so thus I have no way to discipline or corral him--today, of all days), walk home with Ayden screaming and crying the WHOLE WAY for random infractions on my part (basically he needs to cry and hate someone after school most days, lucky me), including saying "Oh" instead of "Okay" in response to a statement of his regarding a playdate. Wow, this job is so rewarding.
Then when we got home it was one hassle after another, I found a pile of clean laundry that had been pissed on by the cat, my bedroom smelled like diarrhea farts, and the baby had a hidden poop that turned his bum as red as a beet. He cried from 4 pm until he went to bed at 8 pm. Nonstop.
I made dinner, served dinner, cleaned up after dinner, and put the kids to bed. The dog licked my foot all through dinner. I hate it when the dog licks me. HATE. IT. I want to cut off his tongue.

Now, a day like this is awful to live through. But my mood picked up enough that I was no longer in serious funk mode after I went tanning, so it was not absolute, Chinese torture. Just your regular run of the mill torture. :P
I was impressed with myself today. I did not yell at anyone. I did not put anyone in a time out. I did not swear. I did not stomp around. I just put one foot in front of the other, and kept going. It was a long day, but I got through with three kids intact. My hubby is still super sick (he called in sick for work), I've never once seen him this sick in 9 years. I feel bad I haven't been able to fix that. But I made it through. And even did some laundry and the kitchen is clean. Riley sobbed when I put him to bed because he wanted to fall asleep in my bed, but there is a sick man in my bed (SO not the context I wanted to post that sentence in!) so he had to settle for his crib. I lay on the floor beside his crib and sang to him, but he still cried.

Oh, and I discovered these oatmeal baths for eczema made by Aveeno and they work AWESOME for Riley's skin. My tub has an oatmeal ring on it, but my kid is smooth and comfy!
That kid needs to start talking. If I have to go through another HOUR of 'Gnh! Gnh!' and vague pointing, I'm going to shoot myself!!! Though he's getting much better at using the sign language for something if he knows it.

Here's praying for a better day tomorrow!!!


ms emili louann said...

i'm sorry to be comment-hound lately :) but i've been in a funk this week too... boo. i hate when you can't seem to shake whatever it is that's bothering you; all you want to do is sleep. ick.

anyway, know you're not in a lone boat :)

i hope everyone in your house starts feeling better soon - especially you, mama.

Tania Grim said...

ooh im having the same thing. tiss that time of year. Funny I always find a little tanning can purk me up too. For Riley's excema if you want to go even better and cheaper try an old pair of nylons cut the feet into socks and fill it with natural oats.Then before he goes into the bath let it sit in the water for a few minutes and squeeze all the good stuff out. Another thing. I know what the funk feels like and I also love having children around so if your ever in a funk again and need some sun therapy drop Riley off for a play date with Brandon :) We love having kids around here.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

1. I live close enough. Either visit with the kids or leave them here to get a break okay?! Kai loves your boys, well, I do too, but you know what I mean.
2. I was going to ask you about Riley's excema because Koen has it and I have no idea where to start!
3. If you are still in a funk today, I'm around all day, just let me know!

lori lls said...

Oh my gosh. Your day is straight out of h-e-double toothpicks. I am SO impressed with the things you DIDN'T do (yell, stomp, etc.). Wowwwwww. You did real good.

I have been in funkville too. What's the dealio?

tamie said...

I just don't know how to say this in a non-cheesy way, but you are my hero, Mel. No, really, you are. Screw the famous people. You're beyond amazing. I love you. You're not alone at all. (I don't have kids but I have had some crazy-rough times this week. Really dark internally. You're so not alone.)