Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Little Men

Today was hilarious! First, it was moustache day at school today, so Ayden spent 10 minutes this morning screaming at me and crying because his moustache was 'all wrong,' though he couldn't describe to me how on earth to fix it, and Matthew requested a moustache at that point, and then RILEY needed a moustache--my black crayola felt pen got some mileage today I tell ya. I don't have any pictures, I'm sorry!! It was super cute.
Even the school secretary had a moustache drawn on her upper lip. [which we discovered when we were late dropping Ayden off, a direct result of the 10 minute tantrum over said moustache].

It was gorgeous and sunny, so after boot camp I took Riley for a jog in the stroller. Yes, I did boot camp AND went for a run in the same day. Now I feel like I just survived 72 hours of warfare or something. Ouch. I'm getting old.

I laughed so many times today, because every time someone got mad or threw a fit, it was so FUNNY because of the black marker on their top lips!! Riley especially. He gets so mad, and his face screws all up and turns purplish red, and here he is with this silly black moustache on!

Thanks for all the support, friends. It makes a huge difference knowing you're cheering me on, and offering to help me out!! Thank you, thank you. You ROCK.

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Louise Chapman said...

Next time I'm having a bad day, I may just paint mustaches on my kids:)