Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No sleep! And music, and The Dog

So last week when Riley got my pukey bug? He must have simultaneously caught Matthew's cold because he never got better, he just transferred his symptoms from puking with a fever, to hacking up a lung with a fever. I feel bad for him, but I'm getting to the end of my rope because he is worst at night, especially from midnight to 4:00 a.m., when I'm most desperate to sleep. He's restless, he's coughing, he's feverish, he's crying, he wants milk, he doesn't want milk, he detests all forms of infant fever medication, and the world comes to an end if I roll over to face away from him in the bed.
By the third night, I'm ready to strangle myself with the baby monitor cord.
Brent, bless his heart, sleeps through everything (he sleeps like the DEAD), but if woken up and asked, he tries to help. But he keeps falling asleep in the middle of the task--not helpful.
I'm running on a sleep deficit here that is rapidly catching up with me. Reminds me of when he was a newborn. Fortunately I have many years' experience dealing with insomnia and learning how to function in the daytime rather well even if nighttime is rather restless. The hardest part is getting up when that alarm clock goes off. Ughhhhhh...

This morning Riley had his first toddler Orf Music class. We did these classes with Ayden and Matthew when they were toddlers, and find them to be amazingly fun and a great way to introduce our kids to the world of music. Riley was a bit out of sorts, being short on sleep himself, and coughing. I debated keeping him home, but I thought he was doing better than he was in the lung department, so we went. It's kind of embarrassing having a sick kid around other kids, but what can you do? I miscalculated. It is also Riley's first experience in a slightly structured class-type environment (besides swimming lessons last year). At first he was a bit worried that I would leave him behind, but it is a parent participation class so he relaxed once he realized I wasn't going anywhere. Matthew came and sat VERY nicely off to the side and watched. He's gregarious and enthusiastic, so he often wants to get his 2 cents in, but he managed to keep pretty quiet most of the class, for which I was impressed and proud.
The teacher is very good at capturing the toddlers' attention with music, singing, games, scarves, dancing, a drum, and some toddler friendly instruments. So whenever Riley would wander away, he would soon come back again, enticed by the jingle bells or drum or singing. The dimples came out a few times. So cute! And she remembered us, even though it has been nearly four years since we took her class. She asked about Ayden!

So we had brought the dog with us and tied him up outside the rec centre, where the music class is held. I've tied him up outside on many occasions, so I didn't think much of it, though I DID pray that God would keep an eye on him as we went inside, because I was worried someone might try to steal him. He's a pretty cute dog, and he LOOKS like a lab, even though he's the weird mix of lab and basset hound. Labs are valuable, and mine is pretty friendly and would probably willingly go with just about anyone, especially if they had kids. Simon doesn't like strange men and barks at them, but if they have kids he's all over them.
I came out after the class, and here is the dog's leash and harness lying on the grass, void of dog. I couldn't believe it! He escaped! And our rec centre is on a very busy four lane road, intersecting an moderately busy two lane road on a hill that people drive rather fast on. Lots of opportunity for my dog to become a carcass. Ack!! I ran up to the road and looked in all directions, but no carcass. Whew! We walked around the area and peeked in the ravine and woodsy areas, and called and called, but no Simon. I left our name and number at the front desk of the rec centre, and decided to go home and get the car so we could search more efficiently. And I also thought someone may have found him and phoned our house, because our phone number is on his tag. So we walked home as fast as Matthew could manage. It is a 2 kilometer trip, one way. I got the kids in the car and went inside to check the phone messages, and HERE IS OUR DOG, STANDING IN THE BACKYARD, LOOKING IN THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR!!!!!! He walked ALL THE WAY HOME, BY HIMSELF!!! Now this is remarkable for several reasons: (1) this morning was the very first time he had ever walked to the rec centre so he wasn't familiar with how to get home, (2) he is a distractible puppy who could easily make friends/follow/harrass any family or group of kids who happened to be at the rec centre, the school next door, the park in between, or all of the above, and find himself lost somewhere, (3) he had to cross two rather busy streets, (4) It is a 2 kilometer walk the way WE went home, but I seriously doubt he went that way--he probably went back to Ayden and Matthew's school and walked home through the woods from there, because that is the route we took to get to the rec centre, so it was quite the distance to travel, and finally, (5) I didn't have any idea that he was smart enough to do this.

Matthew was much relieved. As was I. Simon is sleeping off his adventure on the floor by my feet. Of course, he had a bath last night and now he stinks, because he was running around and I'm sure quite frightened, which makes him stinky. But he's safe and sound, and all my kids and my hubby will not have to wrestle with blame and forgiveness for their mother/wife who lost their dog.
And I kinda like him too.


Lou and Marilyn Sawchenko said...

I loved this post...what a great story!

Matt and Colleen said...

wow! what an adventure. I hope baby is getting better and that you are getting more sleep.

lori lls said...

Sorry to hear about the sicknesses and sleeplessnesses. What a funny little Simon dog you've got. It's incredible that he made his way home. Puppies and babies (and other baby things....rodents? tadpoles?) must pick up a lot more than we give them credit for, even if they appear to be in la-la land.

Asheya said...

Sounds like a keeper (I mean the dog, not Riley :) although I think you should keep Riley too, despite his ability to rob you of sleep.

That dog might save a life one day, you never know.

Asheya said...

Oh, and I am INSANELY jealous of your Orf music class.