Friday, February 5, 2010

Dirty Kid

Yesterday I dressed Riley at ten minutes before noon. It was a busy morning, so I didn't get around to it until just before we dropped Matthew off at Kindergarten. At noon we dropped Matthew off, and Riley sat in a mud puddle. And then rolled over onto his front and LAY in the mud puddle. Ten MINUTES, people! The pants were kakhi, too.

Then this afternoon when Riley and I picked the boys up from school, it was warm and sunny (say hello to the Spring Olympics, people--it was 15 degrees today) so we stayed at the school playground for an hour after school, and all three boys got very dirty. Riley was up to his knees in a different mud puddle than yesterday, and of course he was wearing shoes, not boots. And all three of them got into a sand fight in the sand box. They were COVERED. So we walked home and I stripped them on the front stoop and sent them straight to the bathtub. Three little men in a tub. SO cute. SOOO fun. My bathroom is SOOOOOOOO wet.
Planning ahead, I dressed them in PJs. Half an hour later I was making dinner and Riley wanted milk, so I took him upstairs to lie down in my bed. I kept smelling something awful and was checking my breath and my armpits and my clothes....when suddenly Riley kicked his leg up and his ASS had exploded all over his clean PJs. SO GROSS. It smelled awful, but not like poop, you know? But it was poop. It smelled like garbage or something. Yuck!
THANK YOU, for waiting until AFTER your bath to make that mess, rugrat.

Several of you made the suggestion that I find a nanny to help look after my kids for when I go back to school. I LOVE that idea. Do you think I could find a part time nanny, though? We would need her only about half time. I usually think of the live-in, pay $30,000 a year plus benefits type of nanny, but a Grandma Kadie nanny would be awesome. One who lives in her own house near us and babysits when we need her. Because before and after school care for Ayden and Matthew is $44 per day. And daycare for Riley would be about $35 to $40 per day. It makes more sense to pay one woman $85 to look after all three of them than to farm them out to two different daycares. Actually, Ayden and Matthew will cost twice as much as we need, because we would have to pay for certain days of the week, but would only need care every other week. You know, logistically it might work way better to have a nanny. Then we won't have to pay for days we don't need and possibly not have care for days we DO need.
What do you think? Would anyone be willing to do childcare for such a wonky schedule? My kids are pretty great....Is that a selling feature? :) Maybe a grad student would be great, or someone who likes a flex schedule? Who likes that? Besides me, I mean. I love flex schedules. I hate when everything is the same every day. School kills me.


tamie said...

Dude. I think you could TOTALLY find a student who would nanny for you. A (mature) college student who needs the money and who also has a funky schedule. A grad student who can only do part-time employment. Definitely. I worked as a 3/4 time nanny and it was a good job. I know they hired a number of people after me too.

You could advertise at TWU, in the grad departments or whatever.

amy frances said...

I agree. We flex our schedule around Susan's as much as we can, and we're cool with it. And that kind of money sounds fine, especially for a student. I think being a part-time nanny is a great gig, and it was an especially great gig when I was in school. Go for it.

amy frances said...

Oh, and, yes, great kids are a selling feature. In fact, our kids are so great, I'd take care of them for free. Seriously, I love them that much. But don't tell Susan that. ;)

Rachel Clear said...

I love the nanny idea. I might even use it myself, actually.