Monday, February 8, 2010

Little boys and their @#$%^&*(^%$# sticks

I've been dealing with little boys and sticks for TOO LONG. What is WITH them? They attract sticks like polar opposite magnets. By the time we get home from school everyone, including the baby, has so many sticks they can hardly walk. And for WHAT?!?!?! What is the appeal? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY????!??!?! And of course the friggin DOG loves sticks, too! Some sticks are fifteen feet long and are actually small trees. Other sticks are crumbling. Others are a foot long. Others are as fat as a thigh. Sticks, sticks, everywhere. I have a hard and fast rule regarding NO STICKS IN THE HOUSE, and a semi soft rule regarding no sticks anywhere on our property, otherwise I get a huge pile of various sized sticks just outside my front door. And why do the sticks always come home and never away from it?
If I get poked in the back/butt/neck/face with a stick ONE MORE TIME!!!!! Grrr....
And the baby will NOT be distracted from stick gathering, NOR will he walk at any measurable speed when holding or gathering sticks, NOR stay in the stroller with said gathered sticks. Man, that kid can pitch a fit. Anyone who has looked after him can attest to that--he can keep a tantrum or screaming session up for HOURS. Fortunately he's easygoing about most things, but his list of particulars is growing.

The other complaint I have is also a minor one. It is actually equally as funny as the stick gatherers. Matthew has this funny obsession with his birthday. He plans his birthday from September 21st of every year until September 19th of the following year, and it evolves and changes daily. He mentions his plans approximately 5 or 6 times a day. "Do you know, for my birthday, I am going to have a pirate cake, and real swords, and we will go to The Great Escape!" REALLY?! Sounds fun! Are you paying? Out of your college fund or something? Disneyland has been suggested. And Science World. He's generally overjoyed with the backyard birthday, so that's good. But the planning, oh the planning--I guess it's more than half the joy of having a birthday! I get so tired of birthday talk.

Today was gorgeous, again! We went with Ayden and Matthew's school to see the Olympic Torch pass by on our street. That was pretty cool, and I got some good pictures! It's pretty neat to have the hype so close, though I wasn't the biggest fan of Vancouver hosting the Olympics to begin with. It's kind of fun to have it close, I have to admit. A huge waste of taxpayers money, and embarrassingly WARM--too warm to even make snow--they have been IMPORTING SNOW FROM BC'S INTERIOR to coat the mountains. Jeepers.
So anyways, it was neat to see the torch. And take the kids. Riley loved it! And the torch was pretty much referred to as another friggin' stick by my two older boys. They didn't use the word friggin. That's just me.

I got to see a friend today that I haven't seen in almost seven years! That was fabulous! She is AMAZINGLY fun and we have always really connected well regardless of the distance of time that has spanned since we saw each other last. She and Megan and myself went to India for a month in the fall of 2001. I met her when I worked at BC Ferries. She got to see the stick boys in action! She's a chiropractor in Yaletown. Three cheers for old friends!

And three cheers for finishing ALL my homework for tomorrow's Breastfeeding Counsellor's class tomorrow night!


Breanne said...

Friggin Sticks!!!!!! :D

Louise Chapman said...

I also have two stick collectors AND Kai has decided he has to also collect rocks for his rock collection. Not sure where this collection exists but apparently it's very important. Usually if a stick is too big, I tell him that a dog peed on it so he doesn't pick it up. Is that bad?

ms emili louann said...

i have a "friggin rock" collector :)

Rachel Clear said...

The part about Matthew is making me laugh so hard for some reason.

Ahahahahhahaha! I think that's just about the most hilarious thing ever. HAHA!

Asheya said...

Ha ha, sticks! I have a stick collector too. And two little rock collectors. I have no idea what the rocks are for, but I'm pretty cool with it as long as they don't throw them at each other.

And Elias has started planning his next birthday (his birthday is Jan 10) which apparently is next month. Good thing Eowyn has a birthday coming up...maybe he'll get some fun out of that.

tamie said...

I collect sticks. That's all.

Tonya said...

My boys collect sticks. Rebekah collects sticks, rocks, trash (especially rusty metal) and anything else she can find. Just wait until they're old enough to beg for a knife so they can "carve" the sticks. Then you get to worry someone will slice a finger off and deal with all the shavings.