Monday, February 15, 2010

What did YOU do for V Day?

How did I celebrate Valentine's Day? I WENT TO THE OLYMPICS!!!! AND NOT WITH MY HUBBY!!!! B had to work, and his dad had FREE TICKETS he didn't want to the Luge event yesterday, so I went with Brent's sister. We got up at 5 A.M., drove to BCIT to catch the bus for 7:30, arrived in Whistler at 9:00, had a nice leisurely friggin' overpriced breakfast, wandered around the shops for a bit, and then headed to the sled track. There were two races, with 33 people in each race. IT WAS COOL!!! While we were waiting for the races to start, it was pouring rain. But then the sun came out five minutes before the race began, and it was beautiful. We stood RIGHT by the track and they whip by at over 140 kph (90mph for you yanks), a few feet from your face. Jeepers, it was awesome. Then we had just enough time for a Starbucks hot chocolate and to catch the bus home again. All in all, a 15 hour day. And I got to B's mom's place to pick up my kids, and the transfer home woke Riley up and he thought, "OH! IT"S TIME TO PLAY!!!" and stayed up until I don't know when because I fell asleep first and was treated to him stomping on my hair and smashing around on my head for who knows how long until he lay down and went to sleep. Finally. It was after eleven, sometime. Wowza.

So, not too romantic, but TONS OF FUN!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Caryn Ouwehand said...
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Caryn Ouwehand said...

Me want go to Olympic!

(Insert Jealous Sobs).