Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peevy post

You know what makes me mad? I mean, not really very seriously mad, just peeved and maybe a bit irritated which may SOMETIMES show on my face, a little bit, maybe. I try to be non transparent with my facial expressions, but it doesn't come naturally for me.

So here is a short list;

-Couples who grocery shop together. Like, WTF? WHY does it take two adults to buy food? I'm talking kidless couples. It is handy to have an extra pair of hands around if you are in the store with a gaggle of kids. But it actually re-heeeeee-ally irritates me to watch couples grocery shop together. They always walk SLOW, take up the whole aisle, and are clueless of any attempts to pass. But the thing that peeves me most about these Grocery Couples is that they bicker. Bicker, bicker, bicker. Are you sure we need this? You forgot to get that. And the all time most annoying, 'Do you think we should get [insert random item here]?' Indecisiveness in grocery stores is fatally annoying (in others). So is clulessness.
[pardon my peevishness for anyone who likes to shop with their significant other]

-Clueless shoppers. This was mentioned in my previous bullet, as you may have noticed! :p This includes middle of the aisle buggy pushing space hogs, zig zagging wanderers, people who turn carts without shoulder checking, people who BACK UP without looking behind them, and--my personal favorite--people who randomly STOP in such a way that you can't get past them. Why do they do this? Because they are clueless to the fact that you are behind them, or that they are taking up the whole aisle, and it SLOWS ME DOWN.
[is my hatred of grocery shopping showing? I should really hide that better]

-Interparental phonyness. I know, I know, how much time do we really have to get beyond the small talk with the other parents in our kids' classes? But do we really have to be so FAKE? Blech.

-People who drive their vehicles so they are tailgating the ambulance I am driving while I'm am travelling at a high rate of speed with the lights and sirens ON. SO DANGEROUS. I have called the police on more than one occasion to report these instances. Jerks.

-People driving in the slow lane of the freeway who don't move over while you are merging, even if the right lane is CLEAR.

-The fact that Costco doesn't open until ten. TEN. That is MIDDAY through my day, people! Sheesha.

-When on a rare date alone with my husband, we get seated next to a bunch of tables with little kids. It's not usually all that disruptive, it's just that I want to get away, you know? Those little people are everywhere--it seems we're in danger of them taking over the world!

And that is all. Sorry to be peevy, I feel much better now that I've unloaded that off my chest. I will post more newsy updates soon.



Tonya said...

You are totally cracking me up today! Thank you! I'm with you on all those - except, sometimes, Eric and I get to grocery shop together and we call it a date. :-) So maybe you need to think that these are pathetic people with 5 kids at home and this is their only chance to be alone, so they are being romantic at the grocery store. Of course, that doesn't work if they're bickering. :-)

Caryn Ouwehand said...


As I read down your list I was like;
Okay, the date night with hubby seated next to a bunch of kids is on my top ten peeves too. It was so bad once (at the Keg) that Dan and I asked if we could move... you know, being the snobs we are...

And the ambulance chasers... that is just stupid. If I ever saw that there would be curse words.

Writers of Kosciusko County Jail said...

I like grocery shopping with Jon, I confess! I find it endearing that he mulls his choices over and takes so long. I like that we delegate jobs between us. I just like doing this simple, daily thing together. Of course our lives have the kind of pace where we can often just sort of leisurely ramble through the grocery store. If I was in a hurry, I suppose I'd just want to do it myself, because my dearly beloved is not the speediest shopper in the world!

This is Tamie, btw. Not someone in jail. :)