Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th

Oh, man, I can't even describe how much I LOVE that picture of Riley and Simon looking out the window. I wanted to add that Matthew was not going to school all by himself--this isn't 1983 anymore! Brent is taking Matthew to school, Riley and Simon are staying home, and I am taking photos. :) Well, we were that day.
TODAY I accomplished some tasks. In the morning I got Ayden to school on time, fully equipped, without yelling. Now, for those of you who have met me first thing in the morning, you know I'm not really a morning person. I would be a really good candidate for a coffee addiction, if I didn't have a sensitive heart [I used to have WPW, a form of SVT, cured by radiofrequency ablation in September 2000 and again in May 2001, which left me with residual sensitivity to anything that stimulates a higher heart rate...and this is your cardiology lesson for today]. In the morning when I get up I am groggy. I prefer to talk to no one until after I have eaten breakfast, which is not generally something I can accomplish with any degree of satisfaction. You know, with all the children running around. Actually, Ayden would be happy if mornings didn't exist, and Riley would be pretty happy with a interaction free pre breakfast period...but Matthew. Ah, Matthew. My little morning man. From the SECOND he wakes up, he's talking. Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatterchatterchatter--and he requires feedback. Ack. So, long story short, sometimes it is a big task for me to get Ayden to school with no yelling. Which isn't actually all Matthew's 'fault,' because ungluing Ayden from his bed and getting his ASS DRESSED AND TEETH BRUSHED AND FOOD IN HIM is a herculean feat. And Riley ALWAYS takes a shit at 8:32. Which is when we need to exit the house. Literally, we're by the front door getting our shoes on, and the stink takes place, at least 80% of the time. Without fail. Guess how happy I am to change that every morning, me who gets anxious about being LATE?!?!!!

SO, all of that to beef up why getting Ayden to school on time, fully equipped, without yelling, a major feat to be proud of.
You know, when I was a kid I used to assume my mom LOVED taking care of me, and that the rightful orbit of the entire universe was directly around me. Funny, now that I'm the mom, I have a lot more insight into how unpleasant some aspects of the job are. And how profoundly the world does NOT revolve around me.
Sigh. It was so nice when it did.

My next accomplished task was boot camp, which I haven't done in over a month, so it was quite a feat...There MAY have been some yelling at Matthew during boot camp, which may or may not have been exacerbated by his tendency to tune me out and my tendency to get cranky when I'm at boot camp working my booty off! But boot camp was my next task.
Then successfully drop Matthew off fed, fully equipped, with a cheerful smile and hug and kiss. Then I tackled my front entryway--we're getting things ready to sell so I have cleaned out the shoe closet and today finished the coats and purses! Hurrah!
Then I picked everyone up from school on time, walking (so simultaneously accomplished walking the dog, another task on my list). I went through my list of 49 emails that were waiting for me [I went away for the weekend with my book club to Widbey Island in Washington, so things piled up a bit]. And THEN I roasted a chicken, made yams from a recipe I made up on the spot, cooked rice, and BAKED BROWNIES FOR DESSERT. From scratch. Baking may be something I'm not so scared of anymore. Wow. If you make really rich brownies and fill them with chocolate chips and walnuts, you can't over eat them, because you would absolutely throw up. I had two, and I never want to see another (totally delicious) brownie again in my life! I'm sure I'll change my tune tomorrow.

There were some bumps in the road along the way, though. Matthew and Riley dumped two suitcases, two footstools, a beach ball, and a handful of large toys down the stairs while I was in the shower. The suitcases chipped the paint on the wall. Not popular. Also, I didn't manage to get that chicken into the oven until 5 pm, and it takes 2 1/2 hours to roast!! I was frantic. I mean FRANTIC! I was freaking out, because the kids will be starving by 7:30, but I can't stomach cooking something else on top of the meal I'm making, and I don't want them FULL when the chicken is ready...and I'm saving as much money as I can because we have three trips planned for this pay period [my trip to Widbey Island with my book club, a trip to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Co, Wash., and a trip to Vernon next weekend to visit my parents], so I can't see ordering in a pizza or something. Ack! In the end, I left the chicken in the oven to fend for itself for twenty minutes, and took the kids to MacDonald's for a snack. I totally could have made a snack that was healthy but the thought was overwhelming, so MacD's came to my rescue. Now, obviously it's not the healthiest so I know everyone will be hungry again in two hours. Perfect! I'll have a nice healthy yummy roast chicken dinner ready for them! :)
Nothing could be better (nor more glaringly hilariously ironic than roasting an organic chicken and feeding your kids MacDonald's beef to tide them over for it!! Lol!).

The brownies were sooooo yummmmmyyyyyy....
And the dog did not eat anything he shouldn't.
And Brent put the kids to bed and fell asleep himself, so I am feeding my TLC addiction: 19 Kids and Counting (yay PVR!). I love watching this huge family navigate daily life. It rocks.

I took a picture of my brownies, but I'll have to post that one later! :) I should have taken a picture of my kids eating them, with chocolate all over their faces and bliss on their faces, and silence in the room! :)

Successful day.


Jen said...

Wow. I applaud you, Mel. You are one kick ass woman, cook, baker, multi-tasker, mommy, wife, friend, manager, ... Plus this post made me laugh, which I love.

Tonya said...

Awesome day! Amazing how much one can accomplish in a day, isn't it? Great that you wrote it out - makes you feel like you did TONS, where many days I think we look around and wonder what we accomplished!