Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay, first off, some funny (before the cute. period.)
Here are pix of my boobie cupcakes for my class presentation:

And the other day Riley discovered that we own TRAINS! And that the TRAINS! stick to the other TRIANS! with magnets! And that the TRAINS! travel on tracks which can be built and rebuilt in endless configurations!!! Fortunately, my older two are not above a few hours of TRAINS! themselves, and all three of them happily played for hours, incorporating a room-to-room track system with bridges and stations and ports and all manner of mechanical, machine minded, boy stuff. I got some pix:

As you can see in the above photos, Riley has developed a new 'picture face,' which no doubt looks beautiful and appropriate in HIS mind, but in reality looks kinda weird. The squinty eyed look is never all that attractive. I'm just glad we got his passport pictures done BEFORE the squinty eyed picture face developed. :)

In the category of HIGH CUTENESS, here are some pix of my niece and nephew, who came to visit for two weeks!! Ella (2y9m) and Ruben (9m);

So cute.

And finally, the ultimate cute. period. (and then I should go study for my final exam tomorrow...)
Riley has recently fallen in love with a doll that we bought for Matthew when we adopted him. It is an asian doll (which is REALLY hard to find, btw! So stupid!), a boy (not anatomically correct), and dressed in a sleeper my mom modified to fit the almost-life-sized newborn doll. Not life sized of MY babies, of course, since I give birth to three month old porkers, but life sized of your average five to six pounder. So Riley recently discovered this doll in his toy box and has fallen in love with it. I had to take a picture of him tonight after he fell asleep so you could all see my little baby loving cutesie:


Louise Chapman said...

That last picture is way, way, way too cute!!!

nancy said...

I LOVE the pic of Riley with dolly!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

I want to eat you boobies Melissa...they look delish.