Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I wrote my final tonight for the breastfeeding course! Whew, that was big. I think I did fairly well. I will truly, truly miss that class from the bottom of my heart; it was the highlight of my week every week since January. Though I am relishing the opportunity to READ FOR PLEASURE~that has to be the hardest part of school for me, is the monopolizing of my reading materials.
I actually learned a ton in this course aside from breastfeeding information--I learned about my academic style, and how inefficient it is when simultaneously raising a family. This is VALUABLE information for me, on the application side of returning to school full time! I learned how to be more efficient, and also how to do a good job without letting a project or exam studying invade my life, psyche, or anxious tendencies beyond what is healthy or balanced. I learned how to do that by failing at that more than once! :) I learned that I'm fairly perfectionistic when it comes to my expectations of myself, and I learned that I need to let that go.
I also learned that I love to learn. I am excited to return to school. It will not simply be a means to an end, but rather a cool experience in situ.
Good to know, because I was worried that I'd be too burned out from my degree and paramedic school to really immerse myself in school again. But I think that I really actually love to go to school.

Anyways, I'm done for now! I have a few clinical observations to finish, and the journaling from those experiences to complete, but so does everyone else, and I have a month to complete that. It won't take me long.

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to go!