Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm grateful for~ three boys
...the opportunity to learn (school! I'm so thankful for school)
...this husband of mine who works hard, loves deep, and kisses perfectly extended family, who give of themselves ceaselessly
...birth 3 fish oils and thought records, which keep me sane
...cherry blossoms

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nancy said...

From my experience, the NICU you visited is no exception, though the degree may be worse than others. What you describe is the "standard of care" promoted in north american hospitals. Nils Bergmans research is not well known or well received. Pediatricians are not trained to value "attachment parenting" in the NICU and often sabatage any enlightened nurses. We healthcare providers can model and educate our peers but I feel parents have much more power to ellicit change. Spread the word! These babies belong to their parents, not the institutions caring for them. Come prepared with research and evidence. Through out my career I have seen the biggest changes in maternity care come from consummers. My generation got rid of enemas and shave preps (aka brazilians!) and got dads in the delivery rooms. Now you guys are challenged with lowering the C/S rates, taking control of labour and demanding your parental right to advocate for and nurture your your children from birth.
makes me tired just thinking about it!
I'm passing the baton, Melissa!
love mom