Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Five years

In five years this is what things will look like in our family:
Ayden will be 12. Yikes! He will be a year away from being a teenager!
Matthew will be 11. Can you imagine Matthew with a deep voice? Omg, that is hilarious!
Riley will be 6 1/2. He'll be halfway through grade one! Ohhhhh, nooooooooo! So sad :((((
The cat will probably be dead.
The dog will be approaching senior citizenship.
I will be 37. ACK! I'll be OLD! (I'm joking. And poking fun of all of you who are 37 or older)
Brent will be 39. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Brent will have 7 years seniority and experience in his job. Jeepers, I wish I could share with you some of the stories that come out of his job, to augment my paramedic stories. Some are hilarious, some are sad, some are just plain frickin' weird! But I can't. You'll just have to ask me for some stories when you visit me in person! :)
Lotsa love. We have tons of that.

In five years this is what I hope for and would love to see:
Adyen, Matthew, and Riley involved in music (Matthew wants to learn to play guitar, and I'm going to start teaching Ayden violin as soon as we buy him a violin (we are in the research process now). I'd LOVE to be a musical family, singing lots and playing instruments and everyone making fun of me for having the worst voice in our family!
Me, graduating from midwifery school and setting up practice!
All of us moving to a smaller, slower paced community with no freeway and a less materialistic subculture, where we can have a small acreage with a vegetable garden and chickens and a compost, another dog, and a cat who can have a litter or two of kittens. We had kittens and puppies and colts/fillies so many times in my childhood, and I caught birth fever then, I think...

Wowsa. Them's some changes. The thought of Ayden as 12 is really freaking me out! Funny how you just don't actually put the future into a mental picture like that, eh? How old will YOUR kids be in five years? Yeah, how d'you like THEM apples?


Asheya said...

In five years Elias will be 9, Eowyn will be 7, and Amadeus will be 5 1/2. I have no idea where we'll be living or what I'll be doing for a career. Maybe I'll be thinking of going into midwifery training by then! I hope my marriage will be thriving, and that I will be seeing the fruits of the counselling we will be going to this upcoming year. I hope we will be homeschooling our kids, and that they too will be thriving and creative and that we will have lots of fun as a family.

Rachel Clear said...

Wow. That is a weird concept. To think I'll have a 5 year old in five years, when I have no year old now... it's nuts!

Is it really bad that I had a twinge of jealousy when you said your cat would be dead in 5 years? I am still hating my cats, ever since becoming pregnant. WTF?

I am excited to see your boys grow, and to see you become a midwife!

Tonya said...

SHUT UP. 37 is NOT old. Argh. And, funny, when I was your age, Abigail would be 12 in 5 years also - and I would be 37. Hmmm, guess I didn't realize we had kids at the same age. So, 5 years from NOW? Abigail - 17, Rebekah - 14, Seth - 11, Josiah - 9, Elizabeth 6. That changes the picture of my life drastically! Oh, and I will be 42. Eric will be 44 next month, so five years from now??? ACK! 49! :-)

What are my goals/ideals for 5 years from now? That takes WAY too much brain power right now for me to figure out. :-)