Saturday, April 3, 2010

Needing Input and Ideas!

I need a company name. I'd like it to be kind of open and encompassing, so that I could include all of the following:
Doula care (if I continue), Midwife Homebirth Assistant if I follow this route, future midwife, breastfeeding and post partum support, crocheted toys, AND my serious art/paintings. I need to make business cards, and I would like to develop a website so it should be website-friendly or shortenable. I like names that are meaningful, often in different languages or latin or root words with lots of meanings. Several words would be fine.

I'm having a heck of a time coming up with a name all by myself. Any ideas??? I'm open to all kinds! Even something to start with, where we can play around and come up with something really cool...


Louise Chapman said...

Oh man, why do you think we ended up with GC Photography:) We couldn't come up with anything at the time (although I prob. could now)! I don't know words in Greek or Latin but I do know french or swahili. All I can think is a word like `maisha' (pronounced my-isha) which means life which i guess would be la vie (en francais)or vida (in italian). Sorry, not much help!

Caryn Ouwehand said...


...sorry. Thats the best I could come up with right now...

Roboseyo said...

That's a pretty broad umbrella: most name I can think of that include the painting thing makes it sound like you paint babies. Or maybe pictures of babies. (I'd love to see a painted baby, though)

Vose Family Practice
Melly Cat's Home and Family (ps and painting)
B.uM.P.iN. F: Birth, Midwivery, Painting Nursing and Family
or maybe
BuMPiN F'n S-Mel: Birth Midwivery, Painting, Nursing Family Support - Mel!
OK maybe that last one was going to far.

I dont know words from other languages. When Hyangju opened her clinic, she just made up a nonsense word that sounded nice, and then thought of a meaning that could be tangentially explained.

The Korean word for family if "Gajok"
the korean word for Children is "A-i-deul" (pronounced almost like Idol)
The Korean word for birth is "Chool-Saeng"
infant is "Yoo-a" which sounds nice
and breastfeeding, according to google translate, is
"Moyoo sooyoo" (모유 수유) which has a really pleasant sound.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Bumpin F'n S-mel. Wow. Wish I had thought of that...

Tonya said...

No creativity here - the only thing I thought of was Mel's World. Which isn't very good.

Dana said...

I need a business name too... not so pressingly as you but soon 'nuff. And if I were full of great names I'd have set mine up already and could offer you my rejects ;)

What I will offer is a suggestion to narrow your focus. Something like Mona Birth Services. And a separate business for the artwork. Or choose a semi generic name like Mona Wonderwoman and have two or three different business cards with different taglines "Birth and Postpartum Doula, Midwife, Lactation Support", "Crochet toys and Original Paintings".

You rock!

Rachel Clear said...

The place where I practice my prenatal yoga is called "Zenana", and they are yoga and pilates studios (for prenatal), as well as childbirth classes, lactation consulting, hypnobirthing, doula care, midwifery references (the midwives teach the childbirth classes), nanny support and references, and they have a store which is one of few in town that sells the various breastpumps. There name doesn't really give away what they are, but if you google any of the above named services + Portland, they come up. Something like that might help you. A simple name. If a website is good enough, it will come up when any of your services are offered and mentioned on it. I think it's certainly possible to have them all on one site, maybe as separate tabs or something that link from the home page?

Deb said...

I think it needs to be a somewhat generic name as well - and I like the seperate business card idea. We're "living Martyrs" which covers all sorts of creative and artistic ideas. You can't use a name like that, because babies and martyrs in the same idea is BAD - but I like the idea of playing with the word Life in another language (I do like Maisha) - as each of these things enriches your life, and in some ways, brings you life.

Tonya said...

I just got on a baby name site that you can look up a meaning and it gives you the names. I was thinking you could use the word "light" or "life" in your business name. Some very cool names coming up under life. Adero - she who creates life - African. Aamira - full of life, abundant, prosperous - Arabic. I guess you get the idea. :-) I just love names and what they mean! You could use the word "birth" also.