Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Mom;

[she's going to kill me for that picture!!!! That is her with Ayden a few years ago!]

Thank you for looking at Sara as a newborn baby and thinking, "I think I need one of those!"

Thank you for labouring so long and getting knocked out and having your tailbone broken by the forceps to get me out.

Thank you for feeding me your milk. I'm grateful for that gift and the sacrifice of yourself that it took to breastfeed me.

Thank you for putting up with my clingy shy introverted child self.

Thank you for being patient when I broke, spilled, tore, lost, dropped, or stole your stuff. Thank you for being patient (or acting patient, anyways) when I picked the pink fluffy lint off my security blanket and dropped them all over your house. Until I was seven.

Thank you for feeding me healthy food even when all I wanted was CANDYCANDYCANDY!

Thank you for kissing my owies.

Thank you for teaching me how to read, and reading to me, and sharing your books with me, and listening to my opinions about books, and sharing your own opinions, and instilling in me a love of reading.

Thank you for teaching me about God's love and faithful presence through lots of tough life circumstances.

Thank you for never giving up.

Thank you for the daily around and around neverending cycle of laundry, food, dishes, house cleaning, teeth brushing, bath washing, mundane chores I am just NOW realizing deserves some pretty big recognition and appreciation.

Thank you for letting us have pets.

Thank you for sending me to music lessons.

Thank you for encouraging me always.

Thank you for giving me a car when I turned 16.

Thank you for coming to see all my plays and recitals and awards presentations and Christmas concerts and always acting happy to be there.

Thank you for around 30,000 bedtime cuddles.

Thank you for modeling an ability to own up to mistakes and apologize when warranted.

Thank you for cheering me on as I wished and washed around through university, trying to decide what to do with my life.

Thank you for sharing a passion for childbirth and breastfeeding with me, and for laying the foundations for a belief in normal birth and about a million other feminist topics. Thank you for modelling that women CAN work and raise happy kids.

Thank you for your fantastic sense of humor and tons of spunk.

Thank you for not laughing at me when my first boyfriend broke up with me and I cried. Thanks also for putting up with my entire 10th grade year.

Thank you for teaching me a love for travelling, and for being brave enough to do it alone with three kids, since dad didn't want to travel. Thank you also for Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Hawaii, and Russia.

Thank you for taking me camping as a kid and teaching me a love for the outdoors and earthy, green living and the value of a vegetable garden.

Thank you for teachung me how to can fruits and vegetables.

Thank you for putting up with my vegetarian phase. For a phase, that was a long one.

Thank you for sacrificing career, money, space, body, heart and soul to raise me.

Thank you for my siblings! One of the most valuable and simultaneously annoying gifts you ever gave me :)

Thank you for always making me a priority. I love you!


nancy said...

OK, so you made me cry. Thank you for all them kind words. Raising you has made me a better person and you still make me grow!

Rachel Clear said...

Awww, I love your mom!

I mean, I already did, but she sounds so much like MY mom that I love her even more now.

What a beautiful post, Melissa.