Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've got the itch...

You know, when your baby grows up a bit and becomes a toddler but he still feels like a baby to you? And then a few more months go by and you just can't pretend to yourself that your toddler is a baby anymore? And then a few more months go by and you really start wanting another baby around? Or maybe that only happens to me :)
Yeah, I've got the I wanna nother baby itch...
Maybe it would be a really great thing if UBC's School of Midwifery didn't take students this fall, but waited til next year? And chose me then??
That would give me some time. And you all know that Brent just has to sneeze in my direction and voila! There's a baby in my belly, right? Sorry, to all you who have more trouble than that. :(
Not that I'm pregnant now, don't get your fannies in a knot quite yet.


In not so great news, my mom recommended that I ask Matthew's speech therapist about the fact that Riley isn't talking yet. So to appease her I did, and I honestly thought that she would raise one eyebrow and say, "Say whaaaat? He's normal. Don't be ridiculous!" Well, she didn't. She said, "I was wondering if you were going to ask me about that one of these days." And then she said, "Call public health and get him on the waitlist for speech therapy NOW. Go home and do it TODAY."
Ack. Doesn't anyone grow up and learn to talk NORMAL these days? Ayden's in speech therapy for his lispy "S" with the school speech pathologist, Matthew is in intensive therapy for a bajillion pathologies and a stutter with the school pathologist AND a private pathologist at $100/hour, and now RILEY isn't talking?!???!!!!
Apparantly Riley's vocabulary of four words just doesn't cut it at 21 months. He's supposed to have 2 to 3 word sentences by now. Instead, he grunts and points and gestures and dimples at everyone from behind my right leg.
My brother was a sweet and normal baby and toddler who never talked but instead grunted and pointed until he was 2, waited 2 years for speech therapy, fell behind in school, repeated grade one, was diagnosed with some learning disabilities and spent his entire childhood feeling stupid. So there's that to worry about. I mean, my brother is a successful and well adjusted businessman with a fiancee and a great personality, so I would never worry my kid would 'turn out' like him--rather, I would worry that my kid would have to suffer like my brother did in school. How fair is it for a kid to grow up feeling dumb? Everyone has their own brand of smart.
So I started to cry. And I drove to public health today and filled out the forms to put him on the 2 year waitlist.


Talk, baby. TALK!

Matthew's speech therapist (the expensive, private one who pointed me in the direction of "there's a problem") said she would evaluate him for me for free, and gave me a toddler packet. The free session is SO great, SOSOSOSOSO great--wonderfully generous. But the packet was frustrating, because everything in there is stuff we already do! Read to him, sing to him, talk to him about what we are doing as we are doing it, nursery rhymes, this-little-piggy-went-to-market, give him opportunity to speak/communicate, talk to him about things he is interested in, model proper pronounciation, etc, etc.

C'mon, baby....TALK....


Tonya said...

Abigail didn't have sentences until she was 2. I have a friend, with 7 kids. Most of her kids don't have sentences until they are 3. And her kids are geniuses - no joke. Smartest stinking kids I've ever known (she has a daughter who is 2 weeks older than Seth, so she's 6 - doing 3rd grade math, reading Little House, could write her full name neatly at 3 - she had just started talking). I believe Einstein didn't talk until he was 4. Bottom line? Guess I wouldn't stress over it too much. He isn't even TWO! As long as he's gaining new sounds/words and is normal in every other way, guess I'd give it a few more months before panicking.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Silas is just starting his sentances now... we have him into speach therapy. Arg. Expensive.

I feel your frustration.

Melodie said...

Oh that sounds so frustrating! Sometimes though these things work themselves out on their own. I looked after a boy who didn't really talk until he was 3 and he's doing fine now, although everyone was quite worried about him back in the day and his mother chose not to do speech pathology with him.
And I get it about the baby itch. The only difference between you and I is that I can't get pregnant anymore because hubby got the snip snip. My idea, but it doesn't feel any better those days I really want another baby.

Rachel Clear said...

Aack! I'm sorry, Mel. I don't have any advice or feedback.

I think Tonya could be onto something in that it could be nothing at all to worry about.

It could come down to personality, to a large extent. Zoralee talks non-stop (although you can't understand most of it) at 18 months, but you can totally tell is is just in her personality to do so. She talks when she's by herself, talks to strangers, talks to toys. You can tell she just likes talking (which is SO like the women in my family).

I wonder if Riley just has some good ol' introvert in him, like Brent, and he isn't that interested in joining the ranks of the talking yet.

I think you're right to be proactive, but do anything you can do to not STRESS. You have enough on your plate... especially if you get knocked up again! :)

melissa said...

Thank you, guys!!! I'm glad to hear of other children who have had similar patterns and gone on to develop normally. It really helps!

My gut IS that it is personality, but being proactive just in case is freaking me out, I guess. He is a little introvert, happiest playing with his family and not really that into anyone he doesn't know~my older two are the opposite so it's really quite noticeable. And I often note that he babbles and chatters and sings a TON when he's at home, especially when the older kids are at school and there are no friends over. Which is classic introvert; tons to say to those they feel most comfortable with.
Which, believe it or not, is me, also. I'm more introverted than Brent is!

Here's hoping...

Asheya said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you've got one more thing to worry about. I agree that being proactive is good but stressing is not...there is a range of normal development, and combined with personality, he might just be a genius late talker!

The baby itch, pretty exciting! I can't believe Riley is 21 months! Where does that urge for another baby come from, anyway? I so don't have it, but I totally understand it because that's how I felt when I got pregnant with Amadeus. What is up with biology?

When do you find out about midwifery school?

lori lls said...

Ugh, Melissa! Ughity ugh ugh.

You don't need more kiddo worries. I do NOT like that this is happening.

My first thought too was that Riley's probably a-okay. He looks perfectly happy and well-adjusted from the photographs, anyway. And for the love of Pete, he has plenty of interaction with two loving parents and two older brothers plus the cousins, friends, etc. etc.

What's your mom's gut feeling?

Oooh, I know that itch. I would be over the moon for you if you got pregnant with a little girl. It would be happy times with a boy too, but you know. However, during my worst moments (of which I've had a few the last little while), I would have to say you're crazy to want another. Sometimes I don't know how I'd handle TWO little ones, much less four. But I guess we're infinitely adaptable, and chunker thighs make up for a lot of crapola.

Jen said...

Yikes, I'm sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else. Let us know how it goes...