Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you Ayden

Ayden came to my rescue yesterday! After I posted about my ridiculous morning (which, btw, was punctuated by thoughts that I was spending the whole morning running around doing nothing FOR ME--isn't that a ridiculous thought to have repeating itself in your skull? I promise it was not one I embraced. Despite its repeated appearance. Jeepers. One morning spent doing stuff for one son is not martyr making material), I picked the kids up from school. We went to the grocery store (more fun!), and when we got back I just HAD to crawl into bed. There was no choice in the matter. So I asked Ayden to get a snack for his brothers, turn on the t.v., and keep an eye on the baby for a bit while I lay down. His reply, "Sure, mommy!" And he did. Wow. WHAT A BLESSING! My kids are so good.

Ayden and Matthew watched t.v. for a bit, Ayden voluntarily did his homework without being asked, and Riley crawled into bed with me and nursed himself to sleep. That, my friends, made the rest of my day possible. It is amazing what a nap can do.

As for today; it was similar in that I dashed around from speech therapy to grocery shopping to school and back again, but dissimilar in that I didn't get a nap. I feel like I've been run over by several trucks. My eyes are weeping from exhaustion, and I've snot plugging up my sinuses and very little voice.

Hurrah for good kids! My kids are so good. I have to remember that when they are ripping holes in the paint and making enough noise to rival a discordant orchestra...!!!!!!!

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Asheya said...

Yay for Ayden! You must be doing something right! I love it when the kids turn all sweet and go to sleep makes me feel like they must be absorbing at least a little bit of goodness from me.

As in, all is not in vain!

Hope you are feeling better and got some sleep.