Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tulip Festival 2010

Well, here it is the end of May and I'm just posting pictures from April's tulip festival! I really need to get better at keeping up! So, this year our window of opportunity for travelling to Skagit Co Washington for the annual tulip festival was cut in half because as per usual, the entrance requirements to travel into the U.S. have gotten stricter and we now ALL need valid passports to cross the border, including Riley. We scrounged enough money to apply for all 3 children, since Ayden's passport had expired, Matthew was now a Canadian citizen and needed one of his own, and Riley had never had one. Plus, mine expired in January so we had to scrounge up enough money to renew mine at the same time. When we applied we were informed that the new passports would arrive by April 16th, halfway through the tulip festival month. It was a particularly warm winter and early spring this year, which I'm sure you all followed during the Olympics, so I knew the tulips would be early. And then the kids have school five days a week, Brent works 4 of every 8 days, and I work 1 or 2 of his days off, so the next thing you know, it's April 28th and we're finally getting around to the tulip festival! We drove all the way down there, 2 hours, and the main farm was closed. It closed the day before!! There was ONE ornamental garden still open, but at least half the tulips had already been beheaded! At least we didn't have to pay an entrance fee! This was a hilarious example of our family adventures gone awry, yet again, but really the tulip festival is about some family time, tradition, and some pretty pictures. I think mostly it's one of those annual treks that's mostly for me. Being the only girl around here, I have very few activities that are mostly for me, I think I'm going to hang on to this one! =) Especially because they make for such gorgeous pictures. Even in a half beheaded ornamental garden!!! And we went on a weekday, so there were no crowds, and crossing the border was a breeze.

This year I was all about the 'black' tulips. And some funky ruffled ones. Now if only I had the time to paint some!!!

I'm so glad we were able to get a few tulip photos in, and enjoy some family time together! It was a gorgeous day to go, too! Sunny and warm. I love the tulip festival. Gorgeous. Do you like our family self portrait? Getting everyone to face the camera is a challenge, as is getting everyone in the photo without cropping the bottom half of our faces. In the best of the bunch, Ayden has both eyes closed. We take what we can get!!!! Isn't my family gorgeous? Seriously cute kids. I know we're not supposed to brag, and most of the time I can restrain myself, but today I couldn't. I think everyone else's kids are amazingly cute, too! Kids are such a blessing. Their faces and mannerisms and learning curves and unbridled affection and enthusiasm just enrich my life so much!


Louise Chapman said...

Every year when I see your Tulip Festival pictures I think `Next year I HAVE to go!'. We always forget.

ms emili louann said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! i cannot believe i've missed all these pictures! they are great, mel! sorry i've been MIA in the comment arena :)


Asheya said...

I'm not dead...just haven't read your blog in a while, due to life busyness and other blog busyness!

Those kids are so cute! And who is that sexy mama...!!!??