Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have some good things, and some frustrating things, and a really good trip to Seattle to report. First, a good thing! This morning I woke Riley up for the day, which is normal because he would rather sleep in and stay up late, but Ayden has to be at school by 8:40 every morning. I pulled off his diaper and found it dry, which is also very normal for him. He holds it all night. So I decided to put him on the toilet. Usually this doesn't go well because (a) he's groggy and doesn't want to sit on the potty, and (b) I don't have a lot of extra time in the mornings before we have to leave to get Ayden to school on time. But I figured I'd give it a shot. I cuddled him for a few minutes, then put him on and pulled out some books. The second book is called "Big Boys Use the Potty," and we keep it on the shelf above the toilet to read to him while he sits. This has never worked. UNTIL TODAY! Near the end of the second book, which was the BBUtP book, he peed! Hurrah!!! It was a big, looooooong pee. You should have seen his FACE! He was so proud of himself! It helps when you have big brothers to add to the cheering! So cute.

Next, a gross thing. Yesterday I was at work, and Brent called me at lunchtime to report that Riley had just picked his nose and then, when Brent wasn't looking, he put it in BRENT'S MOUTH. EW! Wasn't it kind of him to call and tell me about it? So nice.

And another good thing is that a week and a half ago Riley hit a mini word explosion! Suddenly it's verbal diarrhea. Well, not quite. But compared to before, with his four word vocabulary, this is diarrhea. His word list now includes, consistently and without prompting:
Gapa [grampa]
Gamma [gramma]
Caw [bird]
Miw [milk]
Mie [mine--the quintessential toddler word]
Mo [more]
animal noises like Moo and Grrr
Ga [thank you, in the right context]
machine noises like Brrrrr
Bap [up]
Ewp [help]
Cha Cha [train]
Bu [bus]
Bu [bye]
Bu [toothbrush]
Bu [bug, of which he is still terrified]
Ma [mouth]

He will also copy words when prompted, sometimes. Progress! It's not two word sentences, although he will SIGN two word sentences now: mostly 'milk please' or 'up please.' I figure at least he's putting two words together in some context, even if not verbally. So great. He's still reticent in public or in an unfamiliar place. I think he's just kind of introverted.

Thanks for all your support and kindness when I wrote my STRESSED post. I've been feeling a tiny little bit better since I wrote it; at least I can function. The day I wrote it I couldn't think of anything else and of course I couldn't sleep. That night when I wrote that post it was the middle of the night. I had slept from 9 pm til 1 am, then woke up and never went back to sleep again. As you can imagine, the day following that one was a bit....cranky....That night my mom arrived in preparation to go to Seattle the next day, and I had intended to do laundry and pack after the kids went to bed. But when I put Riley to bed I fell asleep, and that was the end of me for the night! But I managed: when I woke up an hour later I switched laundry over before I crawled into my own bed. I set my alarm for an hour later and fell asleep, woke up when it beeped, switched some more laundry, set it for an hour later, etc, until all my laundry was done. I got up early the next morning and packed everything and we were on the road by 8:00. Pretty impressive =)
The trip to Seattle has been in the planning for months. My mom, two of her three sisters, and all but one of their daughters, including myself, my siser, my cousin Sara, and my cousin Madison, and the two nurslings [Riley and Ryen, who both answer to "Ri"] planned a girls' shopping/fun weekend in Tulalip for the long weekend in May. As the date grew closer I got more and more stressed, and my paycheques got smaller and the Matrix didn't sell, so I decided I couldn't go. I phoned my mom and told her last week. She called me back an hour later and said, "Your Grandma will give you money for the weekend!" Holy crap. Some of it was a gift, and some of it was a loan. AWESOME! I'm so grateful. I was okay with not going [I had been planning to go but not shop, anyways], but in the end it was really really nice to be able to be included in such a fun girl event that happens, oh, NEVER! So cool. So I went. And it was FUN! We stayed in the Tulalip Casino Hotel, which was a hilarious experience in white trashiness, and so convenient. We had free shuttles everywhere. Riley was a dream baby. I have pictures. And new clothes!

In not so great news, I didn't get called for an interview for Midwifery School. Interviews aren't til June 9th but the email they sent had said that by May 26th "applicants will be informed of their status." Does that mean if I don't hear by May 26th I didn't get an interview? Likely. I'm not tossing out all hope for this year, but most of it. Hm. Kind of disappointed. Kind of not surprised, I didn't have my heart SET on going this year, and I've figured all along it would probably take two or three shots to get into such a competitive program. It would have been nice, though! Financially I guess it gives us more time to prepare, but I'm not sure HOW. How am I going to save up and/or pay down debt when we don't have enough to get through NOW? Nothings going to change unless I get a full time job. Also, if I had gotten an interview and then not gotten in, I would at least know I was high on the list of candidates. But I didn't.
Anyways, that's the update on that.

I'll post Seattle pics soon! AND do a 7 years old post for Ayden. Jeepers, I'm getting freaking behind!!!

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Louise Chapman said...

Yay for a girls (+Ry's) weekend! I'm sorry you didn't hear back from the Midwifery program, could you call them? You know what that means....:)