Friday, May 14, 2010

Wild Weekend

I've been trying to get computer time to blog about last weekend for a WEEK and here it is FRIDAY and I haven't had a chance yet!!! Ridiculous. Sorry, followers, if there are any of you left....I've been bereft of time!

Anyways, a wild weekend for me used to involve some makeup, and usually platform high heels, a few clubs, and a hefty consumption of vodka (my alcohol of choice). Now it involves hives, heart attacks, and BBQ chicken. :P
Here's some back story:
The week before last started this saga, with a trip to the audiologist to retest Matthew's hearing, which you may remember. That took up several hours of our morning, and then the afternoon included a trip to the doctor's office for antibiotics because he had an ear infection with some significant hearing loss as a result. Tuesday we went to the Pediatric Ear, Nose, Throat specialist in Surrey, which involved some driving, paying for parking, hunting down the office, but no anxiety, which you may also remember. Then an afternoon at the X-ray Lab in town, waiting for an x-ray of Matthew's adnoids. Friday evening I noticed Matthew's neck was kind of red, but I wasn't sure what was up. Saturday morning [Ayden's birthday], when we got up, it was a nasty rash encircling his neck and cascading down his trunk, and his tongue was 'kind of tickly,' so I took him to the walk in clinic. I figured it was an allergic reaction, or possibly measles (because measles is going around the Fraser Valley right now); I knew he wasn't on death's door either way, and the doc's office has epinephrine if he were, so I figured that was our best bet. We waited two hours, and were told that yes, it was an allergic reaction to his antibiotics and that he also had a fever, swollen glands, and his ears were still red, so he needed a different antibiotic. Yikes! This poor kid's system--ten days of sulfa antibiotics, then ten more of penicillin! I'll be busting out the probiotics as soon as these are done, that's for sure. Anyways, after the doctor's office we had to go to Costco to fill the new prescription, because they are the cheapest place in town for prescriptions, which, BTW, is a frickin' ZOO on Saturdays, so that took another two hours of our time. Luckily Ayden had a friend over so he was having a good birthday despite two members of his family being MIA for a good chunk of the day.

What a gong show! I'm pretty determined the infection is either viral or simply fluid buildup and not an infection (though swollen glads and a fever are probably indicative of infection, they could be a part of the allergic reaction instead), since he was on day 10 of that antibiotic and had been cleared by the ENT on Tuesday as having fluid but no infection.

The rash took four days to clear up, and travelled from his trunk down his limbs and onto his extremities. He was an itchy mess, even with Benadryl.

Fortunately, he is spunky and energetic, so once we got home on Saturday he jumped on his scooter and we all went for a bike ride together. Which was so fun! I have pics I'll post as soon as I can. He lasted the entire bike ride but that night we had planned an extended family dinner at Boston Pizza, which is a part of our birthday tradition where the birthday boy/girl (if it's me) chooses the restaurant for a family party. Matthew crashed. He fell asleep on the bench seat in the restaurant and missed his dinner entirely. Afterwards, his grandparents offered to take him so the rest of our family could go to a movie as planned, which was very generous of them and totally great. We saw "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," which is right up Ayden's ally. He loves the books and the movie was hilarious! It really brought the story to life in a way that balanced the ridiculousness that is middle school social scenes, and some good life lessons about friendship and loyalty and perspective on the aforementioned social scene. It is above Ayden's age level, but still young enough that I felt comfortable with him watching it; he reads above his grade level so he naturally bumps into content that is above his age level on a regular basis. We don't mind too much, so long as there is no sex, minimal violence (Harry Potter is our limit--he doesn't watch Star Wars yet), and intelligent conflict. It feels weird that I have a child who is old enough that I have to worry about the content of the books he reads and movies he watches...

Sunday was Mother's Day, and muchas gracias to Caryn for the Mother's Day Thanks post idea I totally copied. I work every year on Mother's Day, because when I put in my availability for the month of May I always forget about Mother's Day. Everyone else remembers and doesn't put in availability for that day, so I always wind up working it. Bummer. It was slow, with only a few broken bones and one heart attack. But when I got home the boys had made me BBQ chicken and asparagus, and I had gifts and flowers. It was wonderful. Not what I asked for, but definitely a close second. I asked for them to take me to see the Babies documentary. Which they might have done, had I not worked 12 hours that day. I'm not sure if they would have, because it wasn't 'mentioned, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. :P

I'll do an Ayden Turns Seven post soon, too. I gotta get on the computer more often! :) Hope you are well!

and oooos

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Your life sure is full! Thanks for sharing. And p.s.- you're a great mom!