Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 Years Old!

I can't believe my baby is SEVEN!!! I remember like YESTERDAY he was a tiny newborn, all floppy and red, puking and poonamiing and yawning and crying and smiling so captivatingly. Now lookit him! He's tall and gangly, independent, funny, outgoing, cheerful, helpful, goofy, and wiggly.
Ayden likes
-writing, and has his own journal he writes in, which I do not read unless invited to
-riding his bike
-climbing trees
-exploring wooded areas
-bugs, he wants to be an entymologist when he grows up, and work at the Victoria Bug Zoo, and recently completed an in depth learning experience at school on insects. He LOVES them
-hex bugs and their habitats
-my cooking
-building forts
-travelling anywhere
-family traditions
-hip hop, he's got the moves! And he remembers his dances VERY well!
-babies, big and small

-melted cheese
-being harrassed by his brothers
-the sight, mention, or thought of blood
-the sight, mention, or thought of puke
-deep water

He can read very well. He reads everything, everything, everything. Including my blog, whenever he gets the chance! I have to start watching my language...
He can also spell very well (here, he takes after me, and not after my mother...), scoring perfect on all his spelling tests so far except one, including bonus words like Chrysalis, Olympics, metamorphosis, etc.
He is good at math.
He is outgoing, enthusiastic, and approaches new situations and people without fear. He is encouraging. He is the most patient seven year old I've ever met, especially with his brothers (perhaps a *little* more taxed as far as patience with that middle brother of his...).
He's impossibly slow to wake up. Equally slow to get dressed. Frustratingly slow to get out the door in the morning!!
He loves school, rides his bike everywhere, and is very much looking forward to summertime, camping, going to Regina, Portland, the water park (which I may develop a complex regarding...), having picnics, sleeping in, and etc!
He LOVES hip hop and is remarkably good at remembering his steps. He might look like the awkward white boy in shorts and black socks, but when he dances he's cool!!!

looking forward to seeing you grow some more, and as ever, so proud.
Love you baby....


nancy said...

go to bed Melissa! but first check out the family blog.
love from your mother

nancy said...

go to bed Melissa! but first check out the family blog.
love from your mother

nancy said...

go to bed Melissa! but first check out the family blog.
love from your mother

amy frances said...

Now, see what I mean??? Look at that happy, healthy, smart, well-rounded, confident, talented kid. His momma sure must know what she's doing.


melissa said...

Thanks, Amy =)
You're the best!

And mom, what is UP with the triple duplicate comment?

Roboseyo said...

Happy birthday, young man!

tamie said...

I love it that you do this for your kids for their birthdays. Ayden's the best! Happy Birthday Ayden!